Joe Biden Visiting Boise

Good evening Idaho Dems,

We are thrilled that another 2020 presidential primary candidate has decided to come to Idaho!
Please see the attached invitation to a fundraising event in Boise on August 6th with Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden. Tickets are $100.*
If you have any questions about this event please see the contact information in the invitation attached. For security reasons an RSVP is required.
As a reminder, this is not an endorsement of Vice President Biden and the Idaho Democratic Party (and your local Democratic party organization) is committed to remaining neutral through the 2020 presidential primary process. We will continue to share any opportunities with you to meet and learn more about the presidential primary candidates as they hopefully continue to visit Idaho.
Van Beechler
Chair of Idaho Democratic Party
*Please consider a donation to your local party organization and IDP, too.  During this presidential primary season, our local and state parties suffer as many good Democrats are supporting their favorite national candidates!

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