Innovation Collective’s Donkephant 2018

Innovation Collective’s Donkephant 2018

The people at Innovation Collective Coeur d’Alene think that the individuals running for office are awesome for giving of themselves and trying to make a difference. That’s why we’re hosting a special party the week before the primary election to help you get to know them better. The party takes place on Tuesday, May 9, one week before the primary elections. The event is called the Innovation Collective’s Donkephant 2018. This special forum is for District 4 (Coeur d’Alene) candidates. Gov and Lt. Gov candidates are welcome too.

The plan for this special forum is to gather in the large living room at the Innovation Den. Then, all the Democrat candidates will go to one room and the Republican candidates to another.

Confirmed Candidates:
Mary Souza
Cory English
Michael Pereira
Shem Hanks
Paul Amador
Rebecca Schroder
Bob Nonini
Kristin Collum
Roger Garlock
Jim Addis
AJ Balukoff

The crowd will then be equally divided and sent to one of the rooms to listen. Each candidate will be given a set and equal amount of time to talk. They must talk about what they intend to do in the next two years and referencing other candidates is not allowed. After they are done, there will be no comments, no questions, nothing…. Shut your mouth and let your brain do the work. Maybe, even bring paper to take notes.

Then you will switch rooms and listen to the other party. Same as above.

Once both sessions are done, we will head down to the lair to celebrate all the people running for office and in that setting, you can have discussions with the candidates and other people in town.

The event is free and if you want to make a donation to cover expenses of the wine, beer, and facilities please do.

Let’s party while honoring democracy and those who choose to take a risk as leaders.

Big thank you to the Coeur d’Alene Press as our partner on this fun event! See you at #Donkephant2018

6:00pm- Doors open
6:15pm- Kick off
6:30pm- Session 1
7:15pm- Session 2
8:00pm- Celebrate and conversations
9:00pm- Go home!

Big Thank You to University of Idaho Coeur d’Alene for partnering on our Fireside Chats. This event is happening when we would normally host the chat, second Wednesday of the month. We love their support and leadership in this town!

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