In Person Candidate Training

National Democratic Training Committee

The Idaho Democratic Party is partnering with the National Democratic Training Committee to provide candidate training. The NDTC provides free online training covering what candidates need to know to run a successful campaign. There is also an upcoming FREE in-person candidate training from NDTC. Sign up for the in-person candidate training.

Powerful Tools to Help You Succeed

The National Democratic Training Committee has compiled a set of powerful tools to teach Democratic candidates how to adapt winning tactics to their own race. The NDTC commits to support democratic candidates who register to run for any political position at any level of government. They will do everything they can to teach individual campaigns how to win.

In Person Candidate Training Session

We are also delighted to announce that the Idaho Democratic Party will be holding a FREE in-person training from NDTC in Boise on February 17th. This is an all-day training that will cover everything you need to know– communications, digital, field, and fundraising. Please sign up for the in-person training.
Whether of not you make the training in Boise, remember to sign up for the online trainings.

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