Idaho Democratic Party Barnstorm on line



Hi everybody! Welcome to the 2020 election season. Do you want to beat the pandemic blues? Read on…

 Believe it or not, the pandemic and our deeply unpopular President give us a GREAT opportunity to elect Democrats in Idaho.

 Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are way ahead in the polls, and are expected to generate a huge voter turn out. The high turnout can benefit local Democratic candidates.

 We can imagine turning out the votes needed to elect Paulette Jordon to the US Senate. And we can also imagine sending Shari Williams, Teresa Borrenpohl, and Chris Matthews from Kootenai County to the Idaho Legislature.

 Will you please help? Won’t you take advantage of this once in several decades chance? It’s fun work and it beats the pandemic blues.

 The Idaho Democratic Party is hosting a ZOOM conference to unveil a statewide strategy that we should all support. It’s called a BARNSTORM, and will be held on Sunday August 16 at 5-6:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Find out how the IDP is working to elect Democrats up and down the ticket in November.  IDP will unveil their strategy.  Please join the on-line session by registering asap through this link:

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