GOTV (Get Out the Vote)!

Our success in this year’s midterm election depends on our getting our Dems and left-leaning voters to the polls.

I’m reaching out to all KCDems today because we are almost to the finish line! Working up here since May has been a pleasure, but we are so close to a change in Kootenai County and we need to make sure we get it this year!

So I have 1 huge request for all of you: JOIN IN!

Don’t just join in, but invite friends. I am asking you all to recruit at least 3 friends to help with GOTV. Both you and your friends can sign up to volunteer at and I hope you will all take the time to share this link on social media, strongly encourage your friends to volunteer at least one shift for GOTV.


We are honestly at the point when, if we don’t start working now, it’s too late. I cannot do this work alone and need all hands on deck. The shifts are just 2 hours. I’m pretty sure we can all make time to volunteer for 2 hours. Here are the following times for shifts that we need help with (keep in mind that doors are first priority):

Saturday November 3 – Tuesday November 6
Shift 1 Doors: 9-11AM
Shift 2 Doors & Phones: 12-2PM
Shift 3 Doors & Phones: 3-5PM
Shift 4 Doors & Phones: 6-8PM

Thank you all for being involved in the party. I look forward to seeing your names start to pop up as signed up for volunteering! =]

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