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Faith and Climate Change

Faith and Climate Change

Climate change is hard to ignore. The signs are all around us. However, views and explainations for the causes on climate change are not monolithic. In fact, they vary widely. Faith often infuses ones view of such issues. On October 19, 2017, the Kootenai Environmental Alliance‘s Climate Action CDA Program will host “Faith and Climate Change”. The event takes place at North Idaho College on the 2nd Floor of the Student Union Building.

About the Panel

The panel features five local representatives of various faith traditions. You can read about their backgrounds on the KEA website. These faith practitioners will share their views on the role of faith in constructing their perspectives about climate change. The KEA hopes to give citizens the opportunity to hear how faith impacts and relates to the ongoing climate change phenomena. The first forty minutes will be devoted to the panelists who will explain their views on the subject. Following their presentations, there will be time for the audience to ask questions. Hopefully, the event will expand our views on the climate change dynamics and motivate us to action. Please attend with FRIENDS and participate in this educational activity. The earth is our home and it is the only one we have.

Kootenai Environmental Alliance


Kootenai Environmental Alliance (KEA) is the oldest non-profit conservation organization in Idaho. The KEA operates out of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and works throughout North Idaho.

Climate Action CDA


Climate Action CdA is a group of concerned citizens organized to educate and empower community action concerning the climate crisis.

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