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Women in Politics: Passions and Drawbacks

This Friday, the Democratic Club welcomes a panel of dynamic and outspoken women. They will enlighten us on the passions and drawbacks for women’s participation in politics and governance. Strengthening women’s rights and removing barriers to political participation are critical. Without a concerted effort to increase their role in our political system, it will be impossible to achieve gender equality and true female empowerment. Join our panel at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill, for a lively and informative discussion about the rewards and challenges of growing the number of women in politics.

Our Panel Members are Kenna Smoot, Owner of Bitchy and Kitschy; Mary Lou Reed, former state senator; Kristin Ludwig, Fundraising and Marketing Director for CASA; Bev Moss, Democratic Party activist and former union negotiator; and Traci Hanks, Admission Director of Northwest College Support Co.

Reality Check


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 51% of the US population is female. However, their relative numbers, are not reflected in our elected government. Currently, at the federal level, there are 106 women in the House and 22 in the Senate. This equates to 19.8% and 22% respectively. To make matters worse, few are women of color. According to, this ranks the US at 75th out of 189 elected governments in the world for its level of female representation. The situation is no better at the state level. Currently one quarter of state legislators are women.

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