Democratic Club-Organizing Democratic Success

Organizing Democratic Success

This Friday, the Democratic Club is excited to welcome our new Field Organizer-Matt Kilburn. First, the Central Committee’s investment in Matt signifies an important change in our local and statewide strategy to elect Democrats. As Field Organizer, Matt recruits local Dem volunteers to work on a coordinated campaign. This coordinated effort supports all our local and statewide political candidates. In short, with Matt’s leadership and our combined help, the Idaho Democratic Party will turn out the voters in November to achieve a Democratic victory in 2018. Matt is organizing Democratic success for the general election. More importantly, he will explain how you can help ensure a victory. So, join him at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill. Let’s show him that we are committed to winning in November.

Idaho Democrats Organize Statewide


Currently, the Idaho Democratic Party is actively recruiting and hiring full-time organizers for a statewide field program. Organizers work with the IDP and County Central Committees to execute a statewide field plan within their assigned turf. Furthermore, as the local face of the Idaho Democratic Party, field organizers rely on their strong social skills and desire to elect Democrats to lead the local coordinated campaign.

Field Organizers identify, recruit, and train volunteers to conduct voter contact, registration and other campaign activities. In addition, they lead volunteers through the various phases of the campaign. Another responsibility is ensuring accurate collection and entry of data into VoteBuilder-the Democratic Party’s online voter database. They also provide the Regional Field Director with quantitative and qualitative reports. Reporting serves as an ongoing evaluation of the program’s success. Furthermore, the field organizer cooperates with County and District leaders to achieve shared goals and grow the local organization. These campaign coordinators are expected to meet certain metrics/goals for volunteer recruitment, voter contact and other program elements. In addition to these responsibilities, the field organizer supports local Democratic organizations by keeping office hours and lending help when available.

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