Democratic Club-Local Politics Offers Rewards and Challenges

All Politics are Local

This Friday, the Democratic Club will feature Post Falls City Council Member Kerri Thoreson. Kerri will talk about her experience serving as an elected official at the local level. The citizens of Post Falls elected Thoreson to the City Council in 2008. She has two years remaining on her third term in office. Join Kerri this Friday at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill for an insider’s perspective on governing.

Local Politics Offers Rewards and Challenges

According to Thoreson, local politics offers rewards and challenges. Council members have little influence on their own. Therefore, to affect change members must win the support of other members. In other words, for an initiative to succeed, you must find common ground. This can be challenging if you hold a minority position. It is for this reason that many people shun elective office. They have the impression that it is a very contentious environment and that the majority party always wins. However, the reality is that good people of all backgrounds and points of view are needed to create a truly representative government. The goal is to elect members who can tone down the political rhetoric and find ways of working together. This is especially true at the municipal level where every decision hits close to home.

Post Falls City Council


The Post Falls City Council sets policy direction and makes legislative decisions for the City of Post Falls. The Council consists of six at-large Council Members and a Mayor. The Council enacts ordinances and resolutions, confirms Mayoral appointments and approves the City’s annual budget.

Post Falls City Council Woman Kerri Thoreson
407 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814
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