Democratic Club-Future Focus Discussion Forum

Future Focus Discussion Forum: Defining Our Agenda for 2018

This Friday, the Democratic Club will conduct a future focus discussion forum to find out what issues are on your mind. Your thoughts and concerns will help guide the selection of topics and guests we feature in the coming year. So, what issues, movements or initiatives should we be focused on in 2018? Join us for an insightful discussion this Friday at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill.

Burning Questions

  • Have you been wondering what is happening in your community?
  • Are there national movements such as the #womensmarch!, #blacklivesmatter, #takeaknee, #netneutrality, or #metoo which require more discussion?
  • Are there political candidates, ballot initiatives, or platform planks that need more focus in this election year?
  • What issues, like social media, drug pricing, sustainable agriculture, gun violence or political contributions, would be relevant to the group?
  • How can we increase our understanding of the issues that divide us?
  • What other hot topics can we explore?

We invite you to make a list and bring it with you to the meeting. If you have ideas about special guest speakers who can share their expertise to help expand upon any topics of concern, please include their contact information and area of expertise. We look forward to your input.

407 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814
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