Dem Club: Coeur d’Alene Youth Marimba

This Friday the Democratic Club welcomes Tina Gospodnetich and Sally Sorenson of Coeur d’Alene Youth Marimba, with guest graduates and current NIC students Anthony Kirby and Branson Seamons, to bring the beautiful music of the Zimbabwean culture right to you!

At the heart of Coeur d’Alene is its youth, and you can feel it in the school and community arts programs. Coeur d’Alene Youth Marimba specializes in the traditional music of southern Africa. The fascinating wooden soprano and tenor marimbas deliver the melodies and rhythms, while the big booming bass and baritone instill the beat. The energy is captivating to experience.

The band is comprised of kids from 4th grade to high school seniors. They learn all their music by ear, most of it is traditional Zimbabwean music, though there’s the occasional cover of something more familiar to American audiences such as Eleanor Rigby.

The band has a lot of fun and demonstrates a lot of skill. It is wonderful to see projects like this which really allow youth room to explore themselves musically.

Join us as we discuss how to get kids involved, upcoming events such as Zimfest and the North Idaho Fair, and how we can support their group.

Attention all Dem Club attendees:  The KC Dem Community Outreach Committee is sponsoring a month-long food drive for the local food bank. Community Action Partnership in Coeur d’Alene provides food assistance for local families year round. As part of our effort to support local entities that help folks in need, we will collect donations of food during the whole month of December. Bring your donations of canned food each Friday to the Dem Club Lunch through December 28. You may also contact Cathy Kraus at for questions or donations. If you’d rather make a cash donation, please give directly to CAP at 4144 Industrial Loop, Cd’A.

Coeur d'Alene Youth Marimba
407 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814
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