Dem Club: Unpacking the SCOTUS ruling on Presidential Immunity

Our US Constitution established limits and guardrails on our branches of government which includes the judiciary, the legislature, and the president (i.e., the executive). However, last week the Supreme Court of the United States upended the established limits on US presidential immunity. Before this ruling, the law was seen as applying equally to every American citizen including the president. Now, following a six to three decision along party lines the court’s conservative majority has ruled that presidents have absolute immunity from prosecution for official acts that fall within their “exclusive sphere of constitutional authority” and are entitled to presumptive immunity for all official acts.

Should Americans simply accept the interpretations of our Supreme Court? Is blind acquiescence exercising our duty as citizens? Must we be lawyers, judges, or constitutional scholars to form rational opinions about such matters? To answer these questions, a basic knowledge of history is essential.

Understanding how these conservative justices reached this interpretation is the purpose of our Dems Club discussion. To guide this discussion, we will use the words of Heather Cox Richardson PhD. Professor Richardson may be the most informed historian alive today. We will use her 22-minute video presentation as a starting point before opening the meeting to discussion.

This meeting takes place over Zoom. Please invite friends. The time and day were selected in hopes it will be convenient for more people to join. Please help spread the word to all. Join in, listen, and speak up.


For online access, we distribute a Zoom link prior to the meeting date. If you are on our contact list, you will receive the link automatically. Otherwise, contact Phil at to request the link.

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