Dem Club: Troll Racism–How White Supremacists Use Subversion to Spread Hate

Cameron Rasmusson, Editor, Sandpoint Reader, is the keynote speaker for the Dem Club on Friday, November 16.  His topic is Troll Racism: How White Supremacists Use Subversion to Spread Hate.
Cameron will give an account of how the Sandpoint newspaper was targeted by an anonymous harassment campaign.  He will then illustrate how this fits into a popular tactic of modern white supremacy: subversion through trolling rather than direct confrontation. 
Covert racism is a form of racial discrimination that is disguised and subtle, rather than public or obvious. Concealed in the fabric of society, covert racism discriminates against individuals through often evasive or seemingly passive methods. Covert, racially biased decisions are often hidden or rationalized with an explanation that society is more willing to accept. These racial biases cause a variety of problems that work to empower the suppressors while diminishing the rights and powers of the oppressed. Covert racism often works subliminally, and often much of the discrimination is being done subconsciously.
Cameron Rasmusson is the editor of the weekly Sandpoint Reader newspaper and has worked as a writer and reporter for eight years. His focus is on Idaho politics and culture, but he also writes about arts and entertainment. Find him on Twitter at @cam_ras.

407 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814
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