Dem Club: Nanci Plouffe–Kootenai County Operations

Nanci Plouffe, Business Analyst for Kootenai County.Nanci Plouffe, Senior Business Analyst for the Kootenai County Board of Commissioners, will speak about Kootenai County’s performance through analysis of its Key Performance Indicators and offer greater insight into our county’s standing and operations.

As a business analyst, Plouffe’s main duties are centered on providing research and data analysis and establishing a variety of performance measures to aid department heads and county leadership. Plouffe has been a business analyst for 25 years. Before working for Kootenai County, she served as a Senior Public Safety Analyst for the Chula Vista Police Department for over 17 years. She also was fortunate to work on several analysis-based projects that gained national recognition including reducing domestic violence, institutionalizing problem analysis, and analyzing auto theft and vehicle burglaries from public parking lots.

This Friday Plouffe will focus on  Kootenai County’s key performance indicators, or the overall performance of Kootenai County.  As citizens of Kootenai County, we should know where Kootenai falls in terms of performance. This knowledge helps us build a better community and improve the state of Idaho as a whole.  Kootenai’s performance indicators are broken into several categories. A few of these are Community Development, Economic Development, Public Safety, Parks and Waterways, Budget and Finance. Plouffe will break down some of these indicators into easily understandable metrics regarding various functions of the county government.

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