Dem Club: Engaging Everyday People to Build a Just and Nonviolent World

-Engaging Everyday People to Build a Just and Nonviolent World-

This Friday the Democratic Club welcomes ​Liz Moore​, the director of the Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS).

Liz will talk about PJALS and all of the good it does for Spokane and surrounding communities. PJALS works on issues of peace, economic justice and human rights. They have been active since 1975, promoting social, political and economic change through grassroots community organizing, nonviolence training, volunteer involvement, education and advocacy. Some of PJALS’ main visions are to engage youth and cultivate youth leadership, deliver high-quality work through robust volunteer involvement and leadership, appropriate staffing, strong organizational systems, and a funding base that’s expanding, stable, and sufficient.

Liz began her activism in PJALS youth group as a Deer Park high school student. She worked as an organizer and educator in unions and community groups on issues including marriage equality, racial justice, and worker rights before returning to the organization that helped shape and define her work as a young activist. In all that she does, Liz holds fast to the belief that everyday people have the power to build a just and nonviolent world.