2018 Idaho Democratic Party County Caucus

2018 Idaho Democratic Party County Caucus

Paula Neils, Chair of the Kootenai County Democratic Party invites the public to help select thirty-five Kootenai County Delegates to the Idaho Democratic Party State Convention. These delegates will vote on the 2018 Idaho Democratic platform.

The Idaho Democratic Party County Caucus is solely a means for selecting delegates for the state convention in Caldwell Idaho. The Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee‘s Caucus is scheduled for Saturday, April 28.

The doors open at 9AM at the Human Rights Education Institute. The caucus begins promptly at 10AM. Come early for coffee and pastries and a chance to visit with local Democratic candidates. To help save check-in time on caucus day, Please Pre-Register. All attendees must be registered to participate in the caucus. See next paragraph for online registration details.

Online Event Registration

Please read this entire paragraph before registering for the event. First, take note that the eventbrite form used for registration is designed to accommodate participants for the entire state. Since there are individual caucuses in each county, be sure you register for the county you live in. Use this link: Go to the Eventbrite Page. Scroll down to Kootenai in the list of caucus sites. Then, add the number of people in your party and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Now, click the REGISTER button. When the page refreshes, fill in your registration info. Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the form and click on the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button. By completing the registration beforehand you are helping to speed up the check in process on the day of the caucus. Thanks.

About the Caucus

In the month of April, throughout Idaho, County Democratic Committees will hold caucuses to elect delegates to the state convention. The convention takes place on June 29th & 30th in Caldwell, Idaho. It is the responsibility of the selected delegates to approve the 2018 Party Platform.


Caucuses and conventions are regulated by state law and party rules. Anyone may attend the caucus, but only those who meet the Basic Qualifications may cast votes. To view the Idaho Democratic Party Bylaws go HERE.

Caucus Sites

County Caucus locations are available at idahodems.org. In addition, Democrats can email info@idahodems.org or call (208) 336-1815 for information. Organizers are working to ensure that Caucus locations are physically accessible to persons with disabilities and that they comply with the rules of the county central committee.

Basic Agenda

  • Check who is eligible to vote;
  • Nominate State Delegates;
  • Elect delegates and alternates to the State convention.


Delegates and alternates selected at the county-level will attend the State Convention June 29-30, 2018 to approve the Idaho Democratic Party 2018 Platform.

Online Delegate Nomination Form

If you intend to stand for election as a delegate, please sign up before your county’s selected caucus date. View the State Declaration of Delegate Candidacy Form.

To learn more about the Kootenai County Democratic Delegate Selection Caucus, contact Chair Paula Neils at (208) 755-9590 or by e-mail at paula@ventry.com. To learn more about the caucus process, contact the Idaho Democratic Party at (208) 336-1815 or by e-mail at

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