On Friday, March 8, the Dems Club held a discussion on the upcoming election and our current representatives. In the current session, our local state legislators have not proposed any legislation that I would support. Thankfully, the Idaho legislative session should be ending soon. Hopefully, we can elect some better people to represent us in about eight months.

On Wednesday, March 7, President Biden stood before a joint session of congress to give a fiery, and measured State of the Union Address. As expected, his message was met with cheers of support from the Democrats and jeers from the Republicans in attendance. More importantly, the speech received very favorable ratings from the public which resulted in the campaign’s best online fundraising in the hours around the State of the Union address.

Also, you may have heard that Idaho Republicans recently held their Presidential Primary. In case you haven’t dug into the details, 39,000 Republicans participated in the state GOP caucus. In Kootenai County, the participation rate was a bit higher than in other counties with 4000 votes counted. As a reminder, Kootenai County has about 110,000 registered voters of which more than 64% are registered as Republicans. Yet only 4000 voters determined who should be on the GOP Presidential ballot.

And finally, when the candidate filing period ends on March 15, we will provide a complete list of all the Democrats who have filed. If you have any questions, email Phil at philipjwardjr@gmail.com or Ruben at rmirand2265@gmail.com

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