DART, Democrats and Republicans Together, released its candidate endorsements for the May 16 elections. “We advocate for sound, civil, and thoughtful community leaders in positions of governance and public service. We have reviewed the candidates’ profiles, their own statements and press releases and endorsements each has received from other organizations throughout our community,” said Rick Palagi, DART chairman, in a press release. “Our positions on the following individuals running for nonpartisan offices and the Coeur d’Alene and Lakeland school levies reflect our mission and values.” DART’s recommendations are:

  • Vote Yes in support of the Coeur d’Alene and Lakeland school levies.

“The CDA levy represents essentially 25% of the district’s operating budget. Failure to pass this may result in draconian cuts to our schools that affect opportunities for our children,” Palagi said.

  • Support Judy Meyer and Regina McCrea for Community Library Network trustees.

“These two are experienced incumbents, who know how to protect our libraries from partisan and ideological threats,” Palagi said. “Their service speaks for itself.”

  • Support Mike Curry for Lakes Highway District, Lynn Humphries for Post Falls Highway District and Phil Cooper for Worley Highway District.

“These individuals are well-respected throughout North Idaho and each has a history of volunteerism and engagement in our community,” said the release.

  • Support Thomas DeTar, MD, for the Kootenai Hospital District.

“Dr. DeTar is running for re-election and is imminently well-qualified to continue to help guide Kootenai Health to serve our entire region. The DeTar family name and history have been involved with quality medical care for many years,” Palagi said. DART was initiated in late 2020 as a way for community-minded members of all and no political persuasions to work together for the benefit of the entire community.

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