Courtney Beebe is a Rising Star. She entered the world of the Kootenai County Democrats after the ignominious election of Donald Trump, whose only worthy contribution may be his inspiring so many to “get involved” in resistance to his policies.

She first volunteered to walk with Tom Hearn during his campaign against Paul Amador for Idaho state representative. She also signed on as a precinct 65 captain on the KCDems Central Committee and took on the additional challenge to rejuvenate the Precinct Organization Committee. She quickly demonstrated her many strengths of superb organization, articulate communication, keen intelligence, boundless energy. The KCDCC capitalized on the infusion of youthful energy and enthusiasm by recruiting her for a position on the executive committee and in 2018, she was elected by the membership for Vice-chair, establishing herself as a capable partner to the new Chair, Shem Hanks. Last fall, she served as interim KCDCC treasurer and quickly schooled herself in the fine art of filing Sunshine reports. She has led the effort for KCDCC to increase awareness of its presence and activism in the community, especially through the regular publication of resolutions on issues of current concern to both Kootenai County and the state of Idaho.

During the 2018 campaign season, Courtney provided support for all the entire slate of Democratic candidates. She was an instrumental volunteer for the Medicaid for Idaho petition drive and election campaign. She was one of the very first people to doorknock for the cause locally when many thought the initiative did not have a chance. During the summer, she organized and piloted the popular “Rock the Vote” rock painting activity that attracted a whole new audience. Courtney sees the “big picture” and builds positive relationships with others in the Democratic community to achieve organization goals.

At an early campaign event staged by the Hanks brothers and Matt Erpelding, Democratic legislator, at which they encouraged aspiring activists to run for office and gave them a chance to give their “stump speech.” Among others, Courtney impressed us all by her thoughtful and articulate, ad-lib speech. We are hopeful that her interests, drive, and career will lead her to run for public office.

Courtney has soundly demonstrated that she is richly deserving of this year’s Rising Star Award.

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