Many Kootenai County residents felt dismay at a recent My Turn by the Chair of the local Republicans and his 70 Committeemen (Any Committeewomen?) They proudly worked to defeat the supplemental levies run by the local boards. Thankfully, the levies all passed but one, which will run again in May elections.

Why a group of civic leaders would actively work against our local schools is simply hard to imagine. From a business standpoint, we know that any company considering relocation looks carefully at the quality of the community schools and the support and encouragement they receive from the civic leaders. Idaho is a “bare bones” state as far as school funding. These supplemental levies are simply to maintain the quality of present education and tax coverage.

Community schools have their problems and challenges, as any complex system does. However, according to research most residents believe their schools do a good job. Parents and children are excited for the first days of school, the sporting events, the concerts and plays that are a vital to our communities. If there are problems to solve, there are solutions. If the Kootenai County Republicans are not part of the solution, then they become part of the problem. There is a process to effect change.

Lastly, I am a retired teacher and proud member of the Idaho Education Association. Our members donate many dollars every year to The Children’s Fund, where every dollar donated goes directly to help children in need. Perhaps, we could give education employees a break and look at the good they do.

Voters in Post Falls, please say YES for schools in the May election.

Jan Studer

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