KCDCC Committee Structure

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Each committee section below contains:

  • Committee membership
  • Committee Duties
  • Documents on Google Drive containing meeting minutes and any documents related to committee activity.

Activities and Community Outreach

Candidate Recruitment/Support


Committee Membership

  • Cheri Zao (Chair)
  • Cory Alexander
  • Bev Moss
  • Paula Neils

Committee  Duties

Oversight of website (design, content, etc)

  • Direct the duties of the website IT and content managers; determine the method(s) of communicating with them in a clear, efficient, and consistent manner.
  • Oversight of newsletter; forwarded any pertinent information from a variety of sources, including the weekly IDP communications meeting for possible inclusion in the newsletter.
  • Oversight and appointment of other social media managers, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Posting events to website calendar from submissions to website and other sources
  • Teaching other Dems to use the submission form on the website
  • Appointing members of CC2 and convening meetings of such to address CC2 matters.  Meetings were held on an ad hoc basis with social media managers, and others by invitation, in person, Zoom, or email as circumstances require.
  • Preparing a monthly report on CC2 activities to the Political Activities chair, KCDCC Chair and secretary.
  • Other tasks as assigned by KCDCC, KCDCC executive committee, and KCDCC Chair.

Documents (shared on Google Drive)


Committee Membership

  • Chair B. Evan Koch
  • Vice Chair Jan Studer
  • Treasurer Cheri Zao
  • Secretary Cindy Algeo
  • Legislative District 2 Chair Paula Neils
  • Legislative District 3 Chair Teresa Borrenpohl
  • Legislative District 3 Vice-Chair Savannagh Kacey
  • Legislative District 4 Chair Paula Marano
  • Legislative District 4 Vice-Chair Kristi Milan
  • State Committee Man Shawn Keenan
  • State Committee Woman Savannagh Kacey

Documents (shared on Google Drive)

Precinct Organization

Rules and Bylaws

Strategic Planning

Committee Membership

  • Savannagh Kacey (Chair)
  • Cindy Algeo
  • Tom Hearn
  • Cathy Kraus
  • Cheryl Matthews

Documents (shared on Google Drive)

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