Central Committee Roster

Find My Legislative District and polling place here. This link helps you identify your Polling Place, Precinct, Legislative District, and Congressional District.



KCDCC Chair201Evan Koch
KCDCC Vice-Chair412Jan Studer
KCDCC Treasurer304Paula Neils
KCDCC Secretary317Carolyn Mattoon
Leg District 2 Chair *Ruby Stroschein
Leg Dist 2 Vice-Chair208Tom Hearn
Leg District 3 Chair320Brian Seguin
Leg Dist 3 Vice-Chair318Ben Stallings
Leg District 4 Chair420Paula Marano
Leg District 5 Chair504Vacant
State Committeeman417Shawn Keenan
State Committeewoman401Sarah Glenn
* Chair resides in Clearwater County


Precinct Chair2012Evan Koch
Vice-Chair2012Loree Peery
Precinct Chair2022Kerry Costigan-Galdes
Precinct Chair2032Adam Bennett
Precinct Chair2042Shirley Gunderman
Precinct Chair2052Maggie Schenk
Precinct Chair2062Birgid Niedenzu
Precinct Chair2072Vickie Getz (Vic)
Precinct Chair2082Tom Hearn
Precinct Chair3013Vacant
Precinct Chair3023Dale Broadsword
Precinct Chair3033Deana Kalberg
Precinct Chair3043Wesley Michael
Vice-Chair3043Paula Neils
Precinct Chair3053Betsy Rosenberg
Precinct Chair3063Vacant
Precinct Chair3073Vacant
Precinct Chair3083Judith Purdy
Precinct Chair3093Faith Valente
Precinct Chair3103Vacant
Precinct Chair3113Vacant
Precinct Chair3123Kathy Schnell
Precinct Chair3133Vacant
Precinct Chair3143Sheila Gary
Precinct Chair3153Vacant
Precinct Chair3163Vacant
Precinct Chair3173Carolyn Mattoon
Precinct Chair3183Ben Stallings
Precinct Chair3193Nolan Lien
Precinct Chair3203Brian Seguin
Precinct Chair3213Jennifer Jenkins
Precinct Chair3223Laura J. Schmidt
Precinct Chair3233Barbara J. Johnson
Precinct Chair4014Sarah Glenn
Precinct Chair4024Vacant
Precinct Chair4034Cathy Kraus
Precinct Chair4044Dan English
Vice-Chair4044Matthew Brawner
Precinct Chair4054Katie Mans
Precinct Chair4064Tom Sanner
Precinct Chair4074Adela Sussman
Precinct Chair4084Janet Callen
Precinct Chair4094Sarah Martin
Precinct Chair4104Emma Hazel
Precinct Chair4114Dan Kunz
Precinct Chair4124Jan Studer
Precinct Chair4134Debbie Brodsky
Precinct Chair4144Mary Foster
Precinct Chair4154Vacant
Precinct Chair4164Philip Ward
Precinct Chair4174Vacant
Precinct Chair4184Ronald Hayes
Precinct Chair4194Bev Moss
Precinct Chair4204Paula Marano
Precinct Chair5015Harold Lasley
Precinct Chair5025Vacant
Precinct Chair5035Sally Cannon
Precinct Chair5045Vacant
Precinct Chair5055Geri Douglas
Precinct Chair5065Jennifer Hippach
Precinct Chair5075Vacant
Precinct Chair5085Allison (Ally) Noland
Precinct Chair5095Aaron Herting
Precinct Chair5105Jacob Lippert
Precinct Chair5115Ron Johnson
Precinct Chair5125Vacant
Precinct Chair5135Vacant
Precinct Chair5145Donna (Jake) Stambaugh
Precinct Chair5155Vic Ford
Precinct Chair5165Savannagh Kacey
Precinct Chair5175Teresa Borrenpohl
Precinct Chair5185Brandi Mayes
Precinct Chair5195Barbara L. Tucker
Precinct Chair5205Mirna Pleines
Precinct Chair5215Vacant
Precinct Chair5225Vacant
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