As recently reported in the CDA/Post Falls Press, an element of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee planned and partially implemented a plot to take over control of the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee. The scheme relied on recruiting Republican Extremists to change party affiliation and pose as Democrats in Precinct Committeeperson races during the May 17 Primary Election.

News About the Election Interference Attempt

April 1              Anonymous no longer

March 10         Elephants in the room

Plot Implications

As a result of their efforts, eleven fake Democrats, i.e., Democrats in Name Only (DINO), succeeded in getting listed on the Democrat’s Primary Ballot. In addition, two more are expected to run write-in campaigns. Consequently, we now must deal with the fact that fourteen precincts will have DINO’s running for Precinct Committeeperson in the Primary. With your help, we can ensure that they do not inadvertently receive your vote.

How to Check Your Ballot

Before you vote in the Democratic Primary election, verify who the Real Democrat is in your Precinct Committeeperson race. Here’s how:

Precinct Numbers Have Changed, Confirm your Precinct

As a result of redistricting, precinct boundaries were redrawn and renumbered. As a result, your precinct number has changed. To verify your new precinct number, Check Your Voter Record. This voter resource allows you to confirm your current voter information including your new precinct number. 

Check the Table of Affected Precincts

Check the table below to see if you live in a Precinct affected by Republican interference. If you see your precinct listed in the table, please confirm the name of the Real Democrat to avoid voting for a DINO candidate. We have vetted these candidates and can confirm they are legitimate. Otherwise, if there is no Real Democrat running, DO NOT CAST A VOTE. If your Precinct is not listed here, then your ballot has not been tainted by this election interference effort.

Precinct #DINO Real DemocratAddl. Voting Instructions
203Cynthia Worl Don’t Vote
206Heather BrazeltonBrigid Niedenzu 
207 Vickie GetzWrite In and Vote
304Danial FinleyWesley Michael 
308Kristoff SauretteJudith Purdy 
310Steven Montagne Don’t Vote
317 Carolyn MattoonWrite In and Vote
323 Barbara JohnsonWrite In and Vote
401Robert LawrieSarah Glenn 
411Randy NealDan Kunz 
416Spencer FanslerPhil Ward 
508Erik KlinkhammerAlly Noland 
518Dave ReillyAlicia Canger, Brandi MayersThis race has two Real Democrats. Both are legit.
520Paul BaumanMirna Pleines 

Regarding Write-in Candidates

If your precinct has a Real Democrat listed as a write-in candidate (there are three of them), you must take care to ensure your vote counts. First, print their name correctly on the blank line provided on your ballot. Then, fill in the bubble next to their name. Uncontested, write-in candidates need five or more votes to win their seat.

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