Kootenai County Democrats respect people who hold values that different from our own, as long they are morally sound.

That’s one reason we supported Joe Biden as our candidate. He is a centrist who has said many times that he will be President for all Americans, and not just for his own supporters.

Unfortunately, few Republican officials exhibit the moral fiber to condemn President Trump’s dishonest attempts to overturn President-elect Biden’s victory or to stall and hamper Biden’s transition team. Nor have they criticized the Republican National Committee for endorsing Rudolf Giuliani’s crazy remarks about a Venezuelan conspiracy.

Their silence is an endorsement of what Senator Romney described as Trump trying to “subvert the will of the people and overturn the election.”

Their silence leads some to feel justified in claiming the new Biden Administration will be illegitimate.

Senators Risch and Crapo and Representatives Fulcher and Simpson should immediately congratulate President-elect Biden and call for the swift cooperative and orderly transfer of power.

Anything less damages our nation.

Evan Koch, Chair
Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee

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