The Elephant in the Room

Many of you have reached out to me to express your concern over US Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s upcoming visit to Coeur d’Alene. As we all know, this controversial congresswoman is notorious for expressing support for conspiracy theories and claims which promote antisemitic and anti-Islamic positions. She is also a known supporter of the election denial movement and was notably antivaccine. What is even more frightening is that with the recent GOP takeover in the house and her role in securing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy fractious election, she is gaining influence.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene is an ignorant and racist politician who evokes memories of local white nationalist leader Richard Butler. Like Butler, her racist and anti-democratic rhetoric promotes ignorance and encourages violence.

Defending Our Democratic Values

To counter her visit, your Central Committee is responding with a symposium. This conference will comprise two panel discussions. One is devoted to combatting national right-wing threats to democracy. The other focuses on local threats like the conservative attack on North Idaho College. The panelists include noted local and statewide politicians.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the Hijacking Democracy Symposium at the Red Lion Hotel Templin’s on the River in Post Falls on Saturday, February 25, 2023. The event starts at 11 AM and ends at 3 PM. Lunch is included with admission. Please check our website and social media for a formal announcement about this event. It should be coming out in the next few days.

You won’t be disappointed.

Legislative Action

Now that the Idaho State Legislature is in session, the Idaho Democratic Party is conducting a signature drive for three digital petitions. Two highlight examples of bad legislation proposed by the Idaho GOP, and one is in recognition of some good legislation submitted by Idaho Democrats. Please add your signature to these petitions and share them on your personal and Democratic social media platforms.

Tell Idaho Republican Politicians to Stop the Attacks on Reproductive Freedom and that Young Idahoans Deserve a Voice.

And thank the Idaho Democratic Legislators for their Update the Idaho Human Rights Act.

Thanks, and have an excellent week.

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