Contest Every Race

Although it may be summer, the KCDCC is still on the move. For example, we are part of a nationwide effort overseen by the Democratic National Committee to recruit a candidate for every elective office across the country. This recruiting drive, known as Contest Every Race, may have already reached out to you, and asked you to run for something. I am happy to report that fifty to sixty Kootenai County Democrats have already said yes to this appeal. Next Monday evening, June 12, we will meet with these prospective candidates over Zoom. The meeting will give us a chance to orient them and allow them to get to know us. If you are interested in supporting Contest Every Race and want to join this first meeting, please call 208-763-3361 or email us so we can engage with you.  

We Showed Our Pride

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Pride in the Park events last weekend. I would especially like to recognize Cathy and Laurie Kraus, Jan Studer, and Julie Celeberti for heading up this effort. Democrats had a great showing and left no doubt which political party stands up for human rights, and which one does not even show up. This was a huge and peaceful success that said to all: Kootenai County Rejects Hate.

People are Noticing Our Outreach

I have received compliments from elected officials and other prominent folks for our communications efforts. Sarah Glenn, our Comms Team Director, is responsible for this work along with the members of her team. They all deserve a big pat on the back. Our messaging portrays Democrats and Democratic Party positions in a positive light, while avoiding the divisiveness our opponents so frequently use. You can see it for yourself on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you like what you see, please ask your friends to visit and like our pages as well.

Celebrate Independence Day!

I hope you plan to march with us in the Coeur d’Alene 4th of July Parade. It begins around 10 AM on Sherman Avenue. As soon as we receive the details from the parade committee, we will post instructions for exactly where and when to meet. In the meantime, please use our Registration Page to let us know you are planning to attend so we can stay in touch with you.

KCDCC Summer Social

And finally, be sure to save the date, July 29th, for our summer gala event, the Big Blue Huckleberry BBQ. There will be live music, a photo booth, an auction of precious items, and excellent food. So, I hope you will all be there. It takes place at Stella’s on The Hill at Elk Point. Keep an eye out for further promotions on our website. See you there.

Have a fantastic week everyone.

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