Our Public Schools Achieved a Victory

It was a good feeling to read that our coalition of voters turned out in sufficient numbers to secure the school levies for the Coeur d’Alene and Lakeland Joint School Districts. Thanks to the parents, teachers, staff members, and students along with the Democrats the visibility campaign for the yes vote succeeded in persuading voters to pass these critical funding measures. This victory is an example of what is possible when we find ways to work across partisan lines. Going forward, I hope that we can take this affirmative message of “We are in this fight together” to our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Together we can save Kootenai County from the right-wing extremists. It is clear, from what they have shown us at NIC and elsewhere, the damage these extremists can cause.

District Election Results

First, congratulations to Phil Cooper for keeping his post as Worley Highway District Commissioner. Unfortunately, he stands alone in the victory circle. All the other non-partisan candidates for the Lakes and Post Falls Highway Districts and the Kootenai Hospital District fell to politically driven GOP contenders. Consequently, we must keep an eye on these partisans to ensure they spend our tax dollars for road construction and maintenance in a responsible manner.

CLN Setback

Another letdown was the victory of the two extreme candidates on the Community Library Network board of trustees. These individuals are partisan hacks. They ran on a platform of misinformation accusing librarians of showing kids obscene books in private rooms. This is pure hogwash. Kootenai County deserves better than this and it is up to us to stay alert and do our part to prevent them from implementing their extreme agenda.

BCD Summer BBQ

As a reminder, the Boundary County Democrats will host their Summer BBQ this coming Saturday, May 20. This event is a fund raiser for the BCD and the tickets are only $10. My wife Loree and I plan on attending. It would sure be nice if you went with us.

Plan to March on July 4th

Plan now to march with fellow Democrats in the July 4th Parade on Sherman Avenue in Coeur d’Alene. Kathy and Mike Judson’s donkeys were a big hit last year. They will be bringing them again so it should be great fun.

Reclaiming Our Primary Elections

Reclaim Idaho’s Open Primary Initiative is now off the ground. This ballot measure will allow the voters to end the closed Republican primary and give power back to the people of Idaho. The closed primary has poisoned politics in our state by favoring far right Republicans. As a result, they now control our county. Therefore, we must do what we can to stop them. It starts by ending the closed primary. This initiative will take time and considerable work, but I urge all Democrats to sign on by visiting by visiting Reclaim Idaho on Facebook or the Reclaim Idaho website.

Money Matters

Don’t forget: Money is the life blood of politics, and it is your small dollar donations that make it possible for us to keep our operations going on a continuing basis. In other words, giving what you can, each month through ActBlue, really helps the KCDCC.

Please make a Secure Pledge at ActBlue

Have a wonderful week.

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