May 16 Is Election Day

Election Day is next Tuesday. Among the items on the ballot are the levy elections for the Coeur d’Alene and Lakeland Joint School Districts. If you live in one of these school districts and you value public education, we need you to support these levies with your vote. As you well know, these levies failed in March due to poor turnout. However, with enough affirmative votes, this time we can win this thing. If you already voted, thank you. If you have not already voted, plan right now to do so. Get your absentee ballot to the Elections Office before 5 PM on May 16th or find your polling place an go vote next Tuesday.

Restoring Open Primaries

As a result of a federal court decision in Idaho Republican Party v. Ysursa, the 2011 Idaho Legislature passed House Bill 351 implementing a closed primary system. The law prohibits people who are not registered Republicans to vote in the GOP primary.

This closed primary law has poisoned politics in our state. Because a large number of races are decided during the Primary election, many Democrats have re-registered as Republicans in the mistaken belief that they can steer the election results toward moderate candidates. Instead, they have just diminished the Democratic Party membership rolls and weakened our efforts.

In Kootenai County, far right Republican candidates are now firmly in control. To restrain them, we must join forces with moderate Republicans and Independents to end the closed primary system and restore fair access.

Fortunately, Reclaim Idaho is building a coalition to put forward a new ballot initiative that would restore open primaries and implement ranked choice voting in Idaho. This initiative will take time and a lot of work, but I urge all Democrats to sign on by visiting Reclaim Idaho on Facebook or the Reclaim Idaho website.

BCD Summer BBQ

As a reminder, the Boundary County Democrats are hosting their Summer BBQ on May 20. This event is a Democratic Party fund raiser. The tickets are $10 per person. My wife Loree and I plan on attending. It would sure be nice if you went with us. If you plan to go, please let me know. You can call or text me at 208-818-9786.

July 4th Parade

Mark your calendar and plan now to march with fellow Democrats at the Coeur d’Alene Fourth of July Parade. Once again, Kathy and Mike Judson will be bringing their donkeys to town to walk with us. They were a big hit last year.

We Are Powered by Your Donations

And finally, please remember that money is the life blood of politics. Small dollar recurring donations allow us to keep the lights on and the ball rolling. So, please give what you can. A few dollars a month contributed through ActBlue can really help the KCDCC. Won’t you please donate?

Make a Secure Pledge at ActBlue

Have a super week everyone.

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