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The Power of Cooperation

In recent years, there have been various efforts to form moderate “non-partisan” groups to tackle various issues in our community. Although well intended, these loose coalitions often fail to achieve meaningful change. What prevents their progress is the underlying tension of working across party lines. What these groups fail to recognize is that it is only by putting aside our differences and working together that we will save Kootenai County from the extremists. 

Fortunately, there is an example of actual cross party coalition building going on. It is the YES Campaign that is working to pass the levies in the Coeur d’Alene School District. This non-partisan group reached out to us for help. Together we are mobilizing volunteers to wave campaign signs at passing motorists in front of the County Elections Office throughout the day during the early voting period. 

So far, the response has been encouraging. Most drivers, passing the Elections Office, honk and wave or show their support with a thumbs up for the Levy.

By volunteering with the visibility campaign, we are meeting other adults from the YES group who care about public education and want to make sure the schools do not lose needed funds. Without the levy, the school district will face a 25% budget cut, causing school closures, staff layoffs, and student resource cuts.

Whether Republican or Democrat, we agree that public schools require adequate funding. I hope this example of a functioning coalition brings other like-minded groups together. 

As a reminder, there are still seven more days of early voting and therefore sign waving. The team could use your help so please consider signing up for a shift or two.

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Standing with Our Veterans

The Veteran’s Home in Post Falls opened to residents last February and we know of at least one World War II veteran who is already living there. She is the 100-year-old mother of one of our favorite Democrats. The KCDCC is a proud sponsor of this public project. A brick acknowledges our contribution in the Veteran’s Home lobby. If you are in Post Falls, stop by and check out this facility and while you are there, say “Thank you” to a veteran.


The North Idaho College Board of Trustees did the right thing when it voted to replace attorney Art Macomber. Macomber was the attorney backing the agenda of the right-wing majority on the NIC Board. He recently issued a report undermining the hiring of NIC President Nick Swayne. This report served as justification for the three-member board majority to ‘nullify’ the president’s contract. The two independent members of the board, (Tare Zimmerman & Brad Corkhill) described the report as an “unhinged analysis,” and a “roadmap for a coup to get rid of the president.” Replacing Macomber is a step toward restoring the board’s standing and preserving the college’s accreditation. We will keep our fingers crossed while the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities considers things.

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