Every Dollar is Critical

Money is the life blood of politics. Therefore, fundraising is vital to any functioning political organization. Consequently, I need to take a moment to talk about money.

There are three revenue streams we rely on for fundraising. One is large dollar donors, and we are fortunate to have a few well-to-do Democrats living here. 

A secondary stream comes from holding events such as our Annual Democracy Dinner Gala. These events are fun, and they are opportunities for people to engage. More importantly, they remind us that we are part of a common community. Currently, these social events provide the bulk of our income.

The third and most reliable tier is small dollar donations. Although listed last, this tier is the most vital to our success. It is small dollar donations that make it possible to operate on a continuing basis. In other words, it is these donations that create the predictable stream of income we can use for budgeting and planning. The certainty provided by this stable income stream reduces the risk of unexpected shortfalls. Personally, I donate $10 each month securely through the KCDCC’s ActBlue page. In Public Media parlance, this is known as a sustainer account. I encourage you to become a Kootenai Democrat Sustainer and match my contribution of $10 a month.

Imagine if a thousand Democrats step up and meet this contribution level. The resulting campaign fund would ignite our candidate recruitment and sustain our 2024 Get Out the Vote campaign. These are key components of a winning strategy, and it relies on your help. One issue at stake in the 2024 election will be who controls our Board of County Commissioners. With adequate funding, we could mount a successful campaign to restore balance to this board and weaken the KCGOP’s current strangle hold.

May 16 Election

On Monday, April 17, the Kootenai Elections Office mailed out the first batch of absentee ballots for the May 16th non-partisan election. Among the items on the ballot is a county wide election for individuals to serve on the Community Library Board and the Kootenai Hospital District Board of Trustees. In addition, there is the CDA School Levy vote. Also, for folks living in the Lakes, Post Falls, and Worley Highway Districts, there is a vote for District Commissioner. For Cataldo Water District residents there will be a vote for Water District Commissioner and residents in the Mica Kidd Island Fire District will vote for Fire District Commissioner.

All the elective positions in these races are meant to be non-partisan. Consequently, our Central Committee voted to keep with its tradition of avoiding formal endorsements. Nonetheless, our precinct captains and legislative district chairs are welcome to share their personal voting preferences with you. Given all the variables, the items for consideration on individual ballots will vary from precinct to precinct. So, go to Election Information-May 16, 2023 Consolidated Election, if wish to view a sample ballot.

Because these are non-partisan races, we have not produced a list of recommendations. However, the League of Women Voters will post a candidate list on their site vote411.org. This information will be available starting on Thursday, April 20, 2023. You can also read articles in the CDA Press to get a clear idea of which candidates are qualified and working for the public good.

If you do that and you still have questions, you can also contact your precinct captain or legislative district chair for guidance. Or you can call me at 208-818-9786 or email me. Either way, I would love to hear from you.

Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day

People throughout the world embrace and celebrate Earth Day. Here in Coeur d’Alene, there is a full day of ecology centered events and activities planned in and outside the Coeur d’Alene Library. As usual, the Kootenai Democrats will host a booth at the celebration. If you can, please stop by and visit with your Dem friends. If you do, you may also get the chance to make some new ones. For event details go to the CDA Library’s Earth Day Celebration Event page.

Have a marvelous day everyone. And thanks for voting Democratic.

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