THERE IS POWER IN Working Together

With the start of Spring, we can expect clearer weather ahead. Although the stable weather might not arrive before the first of June, we can be certain it is in our future.

What is not so clear is the political forecast for North Idaho.

With all the turbulence and discord the KCGOP has fostered over the years, it should surprise no one that disaffected conservatives are seeking coalition with like-minded independents and liberals.

These groups include CEQEC aka Citizens to Elect Qualified and Experienced Candidates, DART aka Democrats and Republicans Together, and the Non-partisan Doctors of Coeur d’Alene. Recently, a new group has formed. It is Save CDA and it is meeting for the first time on Wednesday, April 12, 2023. If interested, they are meeting at the Ponderosa Springs Golf Course at 6 PM.

Each of these groups stands against the extremists and seeks to restore a sense of bipartisanship and peace to our politics. Yet working on their own, they are unlikely to generate sufficient membership or funding to achieve a meaningful outcome.

In other words, working independently, these groups are unlikely to shift the political course the KCGOP has set for our county.

Nonetheless, as Democrats, we encourage these confederations and wish them all the best. Moreover, given our shared aspirations, we would welcome their support.

Therefore, as the Chair of the Kootenai County Democratic Central Committee, I invite the members of these various coalitions to join forces with us. Working together, we can combine our resources and efforts to reclaim Kootenai County politics from these reckless extremists.

Vote Yes in the May 16th Election

If you value our public schools, you must commit yourself to voting YES in the May 16th Election for the CDA Schools Levy. If you can, take this commitment further by reaching out and reminding your friends and neighbors to vote YES as well. As a reminder, the Levy failed in March due to low turnout and low turnout favors the extremists. Therefore, if you commit to turning out at least five additional votes, it magnifies your vote. The idea is to create a cascade of support by reaching out to your social network. Invite them to do the same to garner a wave of support for the Vote YES for CDA Schools campaign. I hope you will do your part to support this effort. The children in the CDA School District are depending on it.

This is one step we can take to turn back the tide of extremism sweeping over Kootenai County.

Thanks for your support and have a wonderful week.

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