WE Depend on Public Education

According to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Education, nine in 10 U.S. primary school students attend public institutions. If you are like most of us, this includes the members of your family. The fact is an overwhelming majority of us rely on our public schools to provide every child in our community comprehensive and equal access to primary education.

Yet, despite this fact, during the March 14 election, only 27% of eligible voters participated. To make matters worse, with the help of the Kootenai Republican’s meddling, a bare majority of negative votes succeeded in blocking passage of the CDA School’s Supplemental Levy. Moreover, the corresponding Maintenance Levy failed by a greater margin. The point is conservatives succeeded in convincing their followers that these levies were unnecessary and that they would severely inflate their property taxes.

A Second Chance for CDA Schools

In May, the public will have a second chance to pass the CDA Schools Supplemental Levy. This levy replaces an existing two-year 20-million-dollar tax apportionment that expires next year. You can find out more about the levy and how to determine your individual assessment at CDA Schools Levy.

If this public-school levy fails again, the CDA school district will face a 25-million-dollar gap in funding. That is one quarter of its entire annual operating budget.

Therefore, if you value public education, then plan to vote in the May 16th Election.

With your help, we can protect the funding needed to provide for employee costs, textbooks, classroom supplies, student computers, extracurricular activities, safety personnel, student transportation, custodial services, and more. Otherwise, if this funding request fails, the school district’s budget will face severe cuts.

Vote Yes for CDA Schools

In the lead up to the May 16th Election, the Vote YES for CDA Schools Campaign will be overseeing get out the vote activities. The Kootenai Democrats will be supporting these activities. Therefore, you will be encouraged to help with this effort. So, please look for notices on our social media and website about our involvement with the campaign and get involved.

In Summary

It was low turnout that allowed those who opposed the levy to succeed.

Make no mistake, this opposition is motivated, well-funded, and well-organized.

Yet, we know that most Kootenai County citizens take pride in their public schools and want the best for the kids who attend them.

Consequently, if we band together, we outnumber those who stand against us.

So, turn out on May 16 and Vote YES for CDA Schools.

Thank you for being one of those caring citizens and have a wonderful week.

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