Welcoming the New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I sincerely hope your holidays were peaceful and happy. Moreover, I hope that the holiday break from politics left you re-energized and re-committed to building the Democratic Party in Kootenai County. 

Looking Back

About the Midterms

Our inability to elect Democrats from Kootenai County last November disappointed me. I was frankly depressed. Yet, while attending a nationwide Democratic Party meeting in December, I learned from elections experts that I should see these results as positive. The fact is it could have been much worse. 

Typically, mid-term elections go against the sitting president’s party. For example, during Obama’s first term, the Democrats lost sixty-three House seats and 6 Senate seats. This was a sweeping loss that led to Republicans taking back control of the House of Representatives and losing seven seats in the Senate.

Yet, in 2022 despite the historical headwinds, President Biden and the Democratic Party held off Republican efforts to take full control of Congress. In fact, the Democrats limited House Republicans to a meager four seat majority and gained a seat in the Senate. This was a major victory. Even in Idaho, the Democrats only lost a single seat in the legislature.

Given the situation, we should consider this election an unprecedented success.

Implications for NIC

Perhaps the biggest setback from the November election was the loss of a majority on the North Idaho College Board of Trustees. As a result, chaos has returned in the form of three utterly unqualified trustees who are determined to lose the institution’s accreditation. 

Unfortunately, this seems more likely with every passing day. So far, each meeting of the trustees puts on display their unbecoming behavior and unwise actions which are wastes of the institution’s money and put at risk its reputation. 

Sadly, our governor and our state board of education are not showing any signs of addressing this issue. So, brace yourselves for a faculty and staff exodus, a steep decline in enrollment, and never-ending lawsuits. The fact is, that the worst is yet to come, and there is not much we can do to stop it.

Goodbye and Good Luck

Regrettably, we must bid farewell to Donovan Clymer our fabulous field organizer. Fortunately, his prospects are good, since he is heading home to Michigan, a strong blue state. To see him off, several Dems contributed to a small severance fund to thank him for his tireless efforts on our behalf during this past year. The contributors included Cathy Kraus, Mirna Pleines, Loree Peery, Paula Neils, Paula Marano, Mary Folster, Carolyn Mattoon, and yours truly. 

I spoke with Donovan recently and he says thank you all so much. He has not yet nailed down a new job, so the funds will help tide him over. Ideally, he hopes to land a position as legislative aide. We wish him well. 

Going Forward

Addressing AN UnwelcomeD Visit

As perhaps you already know, conservative troll and US Congress Person Marjorie Taylor-Green will give the keynote address at the 2023 Lincoln Day Dinner on February 11th. Many folks have reached out to tell me they want the Democrats to respond. Our message is that MTG’s outrageous and hate filled thoughts and views are not welcome here. 

To counter her visit, an ad hoc subcommittee of your Executive Committee is planning an event to coincide with her visit. So, look forward to a symposium complete with speakers who can educate and motivate our fellow citizens against MTG’s hate-filled views. Stand by for details.

Supporting Our Public Schools

An opportunity exists to help our Coeur d’Alene Public Schools by volunteering for an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee. Ad Hoc Advisory Committees are groups of concerned and caring citizens who conduct studies, identify problems, and develop recommendations to present to the County Board of Education. If you want to see positive change, this is a real opportunity to counter the radical opinions put forward by the Right that our Board of Education deals with. 

Have a terrific week everyone. Thanks for being Democrats.

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