Pizza and Politics Townhall

This Saturday, March 5, we welcome Senator David Nelson and Representative Ilana Rubel to Coeur d’Alene for a Pizza and Politics Townhall at the Lake City Center. The event starts at 2 PM. I hope you can join us, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Positive Signs for Democrats

Although it is hard to measure, the overall level of enthusiasm among Democrats is way up. In addition, we are seeing positive signs in volunteer and candidate recruitment, communications efforts, voter engagement, fundraising, training and education sessions, and outreach. All are indications of growing optimism and engagement. Moreover, this uptick in optimism coincides with other positive developments.

For example, the IDP plans to support a coordinated campaign of at least three strong candidates in our area. Plus, our early engagement of field organizers has given us a leg up on voter registration and volunteer recruitment.

Considered together, these factors suggest that 2022 offers a window of opportunity for Democrats. So please be a part of this expanding movement by donating or volunteering your time toward electing Democrats in 2022. To sign up, contact our Field Organizer Brody Robbins. You can call him at 208 704 2181 or email Thank you in advance.

Attention Precinct Captains

You have until March 11 to declare your candidacy with the County Elections Office. Here is an outline of the process.

Confirm your precinct number by using the Polling Place Look Up tool. The tool uses your street address to confirm your voter information including your precinct number.

Call Phil Ward at 305 297 3361 to find out if another Democratic Precinct Captain is assigned to your precinct. If two people are assigned to the same precinct, you can both run for the position or one of you can agree to step down. Phil can help you assess your options.

Complete a Declaration of Candidacy. Complete the form and have it notarized. Then, return it to the Elections Office at 1808 N. 3rd St. in Coeur d’Alene. The filing deadline is March 11 at 5 PM. Please note that filing a notarized Declaration of Candidacy must be done in person.

Also, if you run for Precinct Captain, you do not have to file campaign finance forms unless you spend over $100 on your campaign.

Finally, you don’t even have to run for election at all to serve as a Precinct Captain. As an alternative, the Central Committee can appoint you.

This process will take a little bit of time, so thank you in advance for your service to our county Democratic Central Committee.

Find out more about the role of precinct captain.

We Condemn White Nationalists

It has come to our attention that the Aryan Freedom Network is hosting a private “Gathering” in Hayden Lake on March 12. This is an affiliate of the hate group driven out twenty years ago when we bankrupted the Aryan Brotherhood. Personally, I am horrified that they are using their antisemitic and racist ideology to provoke people. The Aryan Freedom Network and other white nationalist groups are awful, and their activities are not constrained to North Idaho.

Recently, the America First Political Action Conference held a gathering in Florida. It should come as no surprise that white nationalists affiliate with this group. What is appalling yet not surprising is that Idaho’s own Lt. Governor Janice McGeachan spoke at the event. As expected, the KCGOP has shown no concern over McGeachan’s involvement. However, Take Back Idaho, a political action committee with conservative members is taking on Idaho’s GOP extremists. They took aim at McGeachan’s “secrecy, hypocrisy, and lack of moral character and based on her actions, they are calling on her to resign.

Our stand on this issue is quite clear. The KCDCC condemns all white nationalists including the organizers of the Hayden Lake event and its scheduled speakers. We stand by our nation’s commitment to multiculturalism embodied in the United States’ motto of E-Pluribus-Unum: out of many, one. We celebrate our nation’s diversity and its expressed goals of inclusion.

Have an excellent week everyone, and thanks for being a Democrat.

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