Winning Elections Takes Concerted Effort

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that we have no elected Democrats representing North Idaho. That includes every local, state, or federal elected position. This situation will not resolve itself. Therefore, to begin to restore some balance, Kootenai Democrats must make a concerted effort and do our part to win something; anything. The time to start is now, and we must all contribute to the effort.

It starts with fundraising. Thanks to those of you who already contributed. You know who you are. For everyone else, please be proactive and contribute; any amount is appreciated, small or large.

Secondly, we need to connect with likely-voters to assess their concerns and remind them of what is at stake if we stay on this current political path. Moreover, we need to identify and register enough new voters to shift the current electoral imbalance.

Fortunately, these steps are currently underway. With the help of Field Organizer Brody Robbins and over 50 Democratic volunteers, our efforts to reach voters is progressing. I would never ask you to do something I don’t do myself. So, join me and get involved by calling Brody at 208 704 2181. It’s easy, and two hours per week is all I ask. Together, we can Get Out the Vote and win something in November.

Voter Suppression Behind GOP Legislation

Proposed voter suppression bills, aimed at groups that tend to vote Democratic, are making their way through the Idaho Legislature. An example is House Bill 547. HB 547 targets mail-in ballot collection from home bound voters. Currently, friends or loved ones can collect and hand deliver a ballot from individuals who are home-bound or in a nursing home. HB 547 makes this benign activity illegal. Ultimately, the bill would make it less likely that these people will vote.

The fake rationale for this legislation is the fear of ballot harvesting. An issue that exists only in the minds of the GOP’s most loyal followers. If they were really concerned about protecting election integrity, they would be joining Democrats in raising awareness about the conservative poll worker in Kootenai County who was caught violating the law by distributing campaign materials at an active polling place. Yet when it comes to a concrete issue of election interference GOP leadership remains mute.

Another example of real voter suppression is House Bill 549, which is aimed primarily at student voters. HB 549 invalidates student ID as a legal form of photo identification. In addition, it makes all affidavit ballots provisional until a voter returns to the polling place with a valid ID. These measures are aimed squarely at young voters who could be easily discouraged from voting if these measures are put into effect. The reasoning for this change is purely about partisan gain. That’s because the GOP would rather focus their energy on securing their political power rather than work on common sense solutions that serve the public good.

On the Brighter Side

The Idaho Democratic Party is having a get together. It is the 28th Annual Frank and Bethine Church Gala. It happens in Boise over the March 11-13 weekend. The keynote speaker is Julian Castro. Among other notable accomplishments, Castro served as the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Obama Administration. If you can go, I know you will have fun. I will be going, so I hope to see you there. You can Register Here.

Politics Plus

The Kootenai Democrats look forward to hosting Idaho State Senator Dave Nelson, House Member and Minority Leader Ilana Rubel, and Lt. Governor Candidate Terri Pickens-Manweiler for a public gathering over the weekend of March 4-6. The details are still forming so check the Calendar of Events on our website or visit our Facebook page for more information in the coming days.

As always, have a wonderful week and thanks for your continued support.

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