Before I turn to politics, I would like to acknowledge the passing of two dear friends this week. They are Paula Marano’s husband Gene Marano and Wes Just’s wife Joan Just. Genes succumbed to the long-term effects with Parkinson’s disease. Whereas Joan had a massive stroke. When further details are available, I will be sure to share them with you. Until then, please keep the families of Paula and Wes in your prayers, thoughts, or sentiments.

Join Us In GetTing Out the Vote

Election Day, November 8th, is next Tuesday. So, this will be my last reminder asking you to help the Kootenai Democrats elect a Democrat from Northern Idaho.

To help Get Out the Vote, the KCDCC is coordinating Four Full Days of GOTV activities from November 5th to November 8th. We will direct these activities from our office at 421 Coeur d’Alene Street in Coeur d’Alene.

If you have not done so already, please commit right now to devote two or more hours on each of the 4 days to phone bank or door knock. Before you do anything, call Donovan right now at 248 925 6620 to reserve your spot.

GOTV Canvassing is fun and safe. If you choose to canvass a neighborhood, we will pair you with another canvasser. Plus, we only target known Democrats plus voters who lean Democratic. Also, because it does not involve interacting with any hostile voters, no one comes away traumatized.

 Our candidate endorsements are available at Kootenai County Democrats on Facebook.

Join Us on Election Night

Whether or not you can volunteer, and no matter the election outcome, we invite you to gather with us at the Crown and Thistle on Election Eve as the polls close. We will toast our efforts and share in the closure of another election season. This will also be a chance to say “Thank You” to all our fine candidates.

 Have a momentous week everyone. And thanks more than ever for being a Democrat.

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