Election Day is 13 Days Away

November 8th is Election Day. However, if you are like me, you have already voted. I am one of 47,000 Idahoans who voted already.

Unlike states where early voting favors Democrats, Idaho’s early ballots are favoring Republicans. Currently, 53% of the early ballots received by the Elections Office were from Republican voters, while 25% were from Democrats.

That sends two unmistakable messages. First, unaffiliated voters account for twenty-two percent of the early ballots received.

Second, for us to win, we need every available Democratic vote plus a majority of the Unaffiliated votes to succeed.

How to Get Out the Vote

Consequently, the KCDCC is sponsoring Four Full Days of Get Out the Vote activities on November 5, 6, 7 and 8. We already sent out thousands of post cards and telephoned thousands of likely Democratic voters. We also knocked on hundreds of their doors.

When the call comes, (or even if it does not) please plan right now to devote two or more hours on each of the 4 days to phone banking or door knocking. Before you do anything, call Donovan right now at 248 925 6620 and get on the schedule.

A Note About the NIC Candidates

Although the KCDCC does not formally endorse candidates for the North Idaho College Board of Trustees, we recognize that Brad Corkhill, Tarie Zimmerman, and Pete Broschet are best suited to provide independent community-centered leadership. You can learn more about them at Friends of NIC or Friends of NIC on Facebook and draw your own conclusions.

Have a terrific day everyone. Thanks for being a Democrat and thanks in advance for helping us elect Democrats.

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