This year the enthusiasm among Democrats has grown significantly. For example, we see more letters to the editor, more phone banking and canvassing volunteers, more donations, more candidates, and more attendance at our events. So, let us keep it up.

Secure the Vote

Poll Watching

Poll watching takes place at targeted polling locations on November 8th. In preparation, poll watching teams are forming up. Poll watching is a way to monitor for suspected voting irregularities at targeted polling locations. These concerns are real. A recent example reported by the Spokesman Review is the poll worker accused of distributing critical race theory pamphlets at a polling location. Therefore, please act on your concerns by proactively volunteering to poll watch by contacting our field coordinator Donovan Clymer at 248 925 6620. Otherwise, when the call comes, please say YES.

Get Out the Vote

We are expanding our GOTV phone banking and two-person door knocking to all day from November 5-8. We are scheduling these canvassing efforts in two-hour increments so you can slot into the schedule at your convenience. To participate, contact our field coordinator Donovan Clymer at 248 925 6620. Otherwise, when you receive a call seeking your time, please sign up for whatever shifts you can accommodate.

Mail-In Ballots

October 28th is the deadline for requesting a mail-in absentee ballot. If you wish to request a mail-in ballot, go to Also, if you have an Absentee ballot and have yet to vote, PLEASE return your ballots ASAP. The postal service is not as fast or efficient as they used to be, and we want your vote to count. Plus, once the Elections Office formally receives your ballot, we can check you off our contact list. In other words, we will not need to pester you about voting and you will be helping our GOTV volunteers.

Inflation Facts and Fiction

Do not Be Fooled by GOP Rhetoric

Mike Crapo and the GOP want you to blame President Biden for inflation. They hope inflation will be the motivating factor for voters this year. What they do not tell you is that inflation is a complex global issue brought on by the Covid 19 Pandemic and Putin’s war on Ukraine. As a result, manufacturing continues to suffer from ongoing supply chain delays and rising energy costs. These negative factors have led to increased prices for food and fuel for consumers. To make matters worse, greedy corporations are using the excuse of inflation to egregiously inflate their profit margins which adds to increased consumer costs.

Watch Representative Katy Porter explain what is really driving inflation.

Boise TV station KTVB debunked Crapo’s bogus assertions.

Democrats are Taking Steps to Curb Impact of Inflation

Inflation is a consequence of complex and diverging global factors. Although the issue is complicated, President Biden is acting to mitigate its impact on consumers by taking steps to reduce inflation pressures, lower the cost of food and fuel, and strengthen the economy.

Key Legislation

New Actions

Protecting Women and Their Right to Choose

Ignore GOP Dissembling

The GOP continues to obfuscate about the horrible implications of their abortion bans. What they do not want you to know is that their anti-abortion stance is increasing the risk of miscarriages, unwanted pregnancies carried to term, and unviable pregnancies leading to maternal morbidity and even maternal death. Women could avoid these risks if they had access to legal safe abortion care.

Republicans know their efforts to outlaw abortion are ghoulish and life threatening. In addition, they also know that abortion restrictions will not affect those with the means to go out of state for care. Consequently, their ban disproportionately impacts the poor, especially those in rural communities. They are hoping that you ignore this fact.

A new tactic of the GOP is to reframe abortions performed to save a woman’s life, as something other than abortion. Yet, this is a misleading claim. Doctors know that a terminated pregnancy is an aborted pregnancy.

Democrats Support Women’s Access to Abortion Care

The Washington Post via the Political Wire reports “that a growing army of community-based distributors is reaching pregnant women through word of mouth or social media to supply pills for free.” This grass-roots campaign is in its infancy and serves as an example of people ignoring state GOP constraints by taking the abortion crisis into their own hands. Democrats are working to enact a law that will protect access to medication abortion despite GOP efforts to block this legislation.

CNN reports, “At an abortion-rights-focused speech at a Democratic National Committee event on Tuesday, Biden said that if Democrats elect more senators and keep control of the House in the midterms then he’d make abortion a top issue.”  The GOP has made it clear that they wish to enact a national abortion ban. Democrats are standing against them.

Your Vote Matters

Democrats work to preserve Constitutional rights, human rights, women’s rights. They are also taking effective measures to combat inflation, climate change, and soaring health care costs. That is why your vote for Democrats is critical and more important than ever.

All votes matter, especially in a county like ours where Democrats are in the minority. So, please Plan Now to Vote. Go to There you will find everything you need to learn about the partisan candidates in the November election.

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