National, State, and County Elections

Every vote matters. Especially in a county like ours where Democrats are in the minority. So, prepare NOW to vote. Start by going to The Idaho Voting Project allows you to preview a ballot, pick candidates, consider your voting options, and preprint your sample ballot to have with you when you vote in the November election.

And remember to please WRITE IN Bob Scott for Kootenai County Assessor.

NIC Board of Trustees

The NIC Board of Trustees Election is non-partisan. However, the far-right GOP candidates backed by the KCRCC are injecting their politics into these races. Their intention is clear. They want to take over every elective office in the County. To make matters worse, the KCRCC puts forward the most utterly unqualified people. Look no further than Todd Banducci for an example of the unnecessary and destructive consequences of putting partisan agitators into these community centric positions.

Unusual times call for unusual actions. At this month’s KCDCC meeting, we voted to endorse candidates who we believe are the best qualified. They happen to be moderate Republicans.

For the NIC Board of Trustees, please vote to elect:

Other Nonpartisan Races

Regarding voting for judgeship positions, we have not taken any positions.

Help Get Out the Vote

Plan to sign up for one or more GET OUT THE VOTE shifts during the final four days of this election campaign. As an alternative, volunteer for poll watching at suspicious polling places. Field Organizer Donovan Clymer will be coordinating these actions on the ground and on-line.

Donovan says, “If everyone signs up for just one thing that could make a huge difference.”

You can sign up to canvass likely voters by phone banking or door knocking. You can also perform support duties to those Dems who are doing the canvassing. Please do not wait.

You can register to participate at You can also call or text Donovan Clymer at 248 925 6620. 

The phone banking effort is ongoing. It occurs each Wednesday and Thursday evening. The focus is on people likely to vote our way. Consequently, the conversations are easy and even fun to engage in.

Here are two comments I jotted down:

“Todd Banducci came to my church some time ago. He represented himself as a Gideon. But once in the pulpit he quickly made it political. ‘Vote for me for the NIC Board of Trustees.’ I spoke out and told him that was not appropriate. We have to stop the intrusion of religion into politics.”

“We get the GOP voting guide in our mail and look the other way. In other words, we vote for the opposite candidates.”

Save the Date

Plan to donate food or funds for the Annual Kootenai Democrats Food Drive. We will deliver the donations to area foodbanks prior to Thanksgiving.

The collection takes place on November 11th and 12th. So, start stocking up now on needed grocery staples! Or in lieu of purchasing non-perishable food items, donate money securely online.

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