Although I do not keep regular office hours I do hear from Democrats throughout the day and well into the night. Moreover, I do hear mixed opinions. There are those who are happy and excited about our campaigns and those who are not.

What I have noticed is that what determines how they feel about the election is their level of involvement with our campaigns. Seriously, I am not kidding. Although the prospect of electing a Democrat may be remote, the fellowship found among door knockers, phone bankers, and even post card writers is palpable.

In other words, it is the best mood elevator.

About Phone Banking

You can register to participate in phone banking at You can also call or text Donovan Clymer at 248 925 6620. 

We conduct phone banking every Wednesday and Thursday evening from 5-7 pm. At this point in the campaign season, the focus has shifted to calling people who are likely to vote our way. That makes these interactions easy compared to calling unaffiliated voters.

Here are two comments I made note of from folks I called recently:

A man told me “We get the GOP voting guide in our mailbox and look the other way. In other words, we vote for the opposite candidates.”

One woman told me “Todd Banducci came to my church. He represented himself as a Gideon. But once he got in the pulpit, he quickly made it political. He told us to ‘Vote for me for the NIC Board of Trustees.’ I spoke out and told him that was not appropriate. We must stop the intrusion of religion into politics.”

During the summer calling campaign, we identified likely Democratic voters. Because individual voter’s preferences were unknown, it was possible to have occasional abrasive encounters which could be unpleasant.

Donovan says “We hit our stride with the phone banking aimed at voter identification and absentee voting. Now it is time to shift our efforts to GET OUT THE VOTE. 

Knowing the likely preference of the voters makes the process easy. To make it even easier, we are now leaving messages for those who do not answer. So, every call reaches a voter, and every call matters.

Kootenai County may be growing but it is still a close-knit community. For example, while phone banking last week, the computer connected me to my wife’s aunt, as well as two of my close neighbors. I enjoyed speaking with them and learning that they had all voted early by mail.

With wireless phones and computer technology, you can phone bank from anywhere. Therefore, you have the option of joining others at our temporary downtown office space or calling from home using a link with your own computer. Plus, the computer does the call processing which protects your privacy. So, the process is easy, and it makes you feel good to know you are making a difference.

With just one month left before Election Day, you still have time to be part of the answer to the troubles plaguing Kootenai County.

About Our Other Get Out the Vote Efforts

Canvassing continues Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. In addition, voter registration is underway on the NIC campus on Tuesdays and Fridays.

You can register to participate in canvassing or voter registration at You can also call or text Donovan Clymer at 248 925 6620. 

We are also offering two 90-minute sessions of Get Out the Vote training to help you gain an understanding of the process and what is at stake in this election. The IDP calls the training “One Month to Win” and it is of the highest priority. Please pre-register if you plan to attend.

In Person Training for Kootenai County takes place on Saturday, October 8 from 2:30 – 4pm at the CWA Office in Coeur d’Alene. If you would prefer in-person training, Donovan will be on hand to walk you through it.

Virtual State-Wide Training takes place on Monday, October 10th. This session is for folks who are comfortable receiving training online.

Regardless of the session you choose, it is vital that you get engaged and help support this campaign effort.

Donovan says: “If everyone signs up for just one thing (calling, canvassing, or voter registration) that could make a huge difference.” Take just a little time each week to save Kootenai County from destruction.

Consequences of Newly Enacted Abortion Restrictions

As I mentioned last week, the University of Idaho released a memo warning their employees that promoting abortion is against state law. I have heard from people who expressed dismay at learning this news. Keep in mind that the prohibition is meant to prevent university employees from violating Idaho’s abortion law. Senator Dave Nelson astutely pointed out that the University is only protecting itself from the prospect of litigation. Therefore, do not be surprised if the new law forces other institutions to take similar measures.

It is important that we avoid condemning the U of I. The real fault is with the law itself. What is more frightening is the prospect that Raul Labrador will vigorously defend it if he becomes our next Attorney General. That is why we need to elect Tom Arkoosh instead. Defeat Labrador.

And Finally

To those of you who read the Coeur d’Alene Press on Wednesdays, you may notice that my weekly Op Ed column is missing. The Press is suspending my column along with the corresponding Friday Op Ed from the GOP Chair until after the November 8th general election. Until then, please continue to write letters to the editor in support of our candidates or issues.

Have a super week and thanks for being a Democrat!

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