A message to all Democrats

Please sign up today to phone bank, text, write post cards or door knock. There are just ten short weeks remaining before the General Election. So, if you can give just 2 hours of your time during each of those ten weeks, it could make a difference and contribute to positive change. Start by contacting Donovan Clymer. You can call or text him at 248-925-6620. Do it today.

Also, save these dates

  • 2022 Democracy Dinner | The evening of September 23.
  • 2022 Democracy Symposium | The morning of September 24.

Watch for details in the coming weeks.

A message to our Independent and Republican Allies

The difference in viewpoint between the two major political parties is as significant as it has ever been. Yet, despite our party distinctions, we do share common values. For example, we believe in the importance of serving the interests of everyone. We respect civil discourse and economic fairness. We support well-funded public education, expanded voter participation, and affordable health care for all. We also recognize the critical need to mitigate the causes and effects of climate change. These are all commonly held positions that most folks agree with.

The true outliers serve Trump’s MAGA Agenda

Despite losing by almost eight million votes, MAGA members still cling to the false belief that Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election. To make matters worse, despite the growing evidence of his malfeasance, they continue to defend the corruption and misdeeds of his wayward administration. 

These extremists claim to defend freedom. Yet, their political appointees work to undermine it. For example, they use misinformation to evoke fear and outrage that undermines public education, weakens voter participation, and blocks efforts to address climate change. Here in Idaho, they have also attempted to eliminate ballot drop boxes, and criminalize ballot assistance for the elderly and indigent, and criminalize medical providers who give life-saving care to trans youth. They also adopted a draconian law modeled on a similar bill in Texas that prevents the unrestricted freedom of women to access abortion services in Idaho. This law bans abortions after 6 weeks. It also precludes exceptions in the case of rape or incest, or to save the life of the mother.

Their work to distort the truth and foment fear threatens minorities and the marginalized. For example, the MAGA movement was behind the dissemination of the false narrative regarding critical race theory, and efforts to weaken the rights of members of the LGBTQ+ Movement. Their tactics manifested a public outrage which resulted in banned books and laws restricting the teaching of Black history and sexual orientation in some public schools.

If you are still reading this message, then you have come to recognize the ugly truth that lies behind this movement.

We Invite You to Join Our Coalition

The fact is, Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress are proving that good leaders can govern effectively. After facing considerable opposition and significant setbacks, they have created conditions for historically low unemployment and the reversal of rising inflation. The Administration and Congress passed legislation to revitalize the domestic semiconductor market. Plus, they passed legislation to reduce prescription drug prices, invest in clean domestic energy, and apply a minimum corporate tax on the largest corporations all while reducing inflation. And lest we forget it, Joe Biden and the Democratic Majority in Congress expanded benefits to veterans suffering from exposure to toxic burn pits while in combat.

So, keep these accomplishments in mind when you go to the polls and vote for those who are working for the common good. Working together, we can create a brighter future for all.


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