This past January, I asked myself a question. In the middle of the dark winter with snow all around, and with the November General Election 11 months away, my mind wandered freely into the territory of New Year’s Resolutions. But instead of resolving to improve myself, which I gave up on long ago, I asked instead what goal we might set for ourselves as Kootenai Democrats in 2022.

Setting a goal would motivate us in the face of unrelenting opposition.

So, what goal could we realistically achieve that would support our political ambitions while sending a clear message to the GOP that we are for real?

After considerable thought, I concluded that getting just one Democrat elected would be enough. That’s right, I said just one. That may seem insignificant. However, keep in mind that there are no elected Democrats north of Latah County where State Senator Dave Nelson lives.

Democrats Have Options

Initially, Teresa Borrenpohl was the only candidate running for office in Kootenai County. However, now Kristi Reed Johnson, Larry Bieber, Megan Dardis-Kunz, and Ruben Miranda have joined her.

At the state level, David Roth, Terri Pickens-Manweiler, and Steven Heidt are running for statewide offices.

In the next few days, the IDP will announce a late addition to the fall slate of candidates. Fortunately for us, an unnamed individual has agreed to run against the dreadful Raúl Labrador for Attorney General.

Together, this formidable group will multiply their individual impact through a coordinated campaign. In addition, there will be two field organizers managing details on the ground.

The GOP is Helping

The further radicalization of the Idaho GOP is making our work easier. Recently, at their state party convention, they voted to accept the BIG Lie and not recognize Joe Biden’s legitimate election. In addition, although most people believe that abortion should be legal, this hard-core group embraces the recent US Supreme Court decision stripping women of reproductive rights. To make matters worse, they are committing to rejecting any exception to the now enforceable state abortion law, even one to save the mother’s life.

These radicals are continuing to chip away at the foundation of conservative values that used to define the Republican Party. As a result of their continuous lying, cheating, and extremism, they are hollowing out the GOP.

We need to reach out to these disaffected voters and find common ground.

Bringing this Goal to Reality

Taken together, these factors offer a unique opportunity for Democrats to gain ground in 2022.

For this to happen, we all must commit to contributing any way we can. So, if you took the time to read this message, this includes you. Here is how you can help.

This election cycle offers a unique opportunity and I know you will step up to help us take advantage of it. You know how important it is and you understand that it won’t last forever.

Thank you in advance.

Have a fantastic week.

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