As Democrats living in a red state, the stream of election defeats and policy setbacks can be downright demoralizing. It can also deplete the sense of national unity we should feel at celebrations like Independence Day. Yet despite the current lack of progress, there is always room for hope.

Back in the 1850’s during his fight to repeal slavery, the African American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and political leader Frederick Douglass said that American Politics are “a crucible of transformation.” Therefore, he did not lose hope.

In 1965, while speaking on voting rights, President Lyndon Johnson made his own observation about the uniquely transformational attributes of the American System of Government. He said that the United States, alone among nations, is a country that was born with the striving purpose of “creating a free society of equal citizens.”

The point is that we are not there yet. Nonetheless, we can still celebrate our country’s progress and continue our work to create a more perfect union.

White Nationalists Posing as Patriots

Speaking of patriots, consider the failed right-wing attempt to violently disrupt Pride in the Park last month. The woman who reported the White nationalist Patriot Front is the true patriot. So too are the Coeur d’Alene police officers who headed off their attempt to incite violence.

LGBTQ+ people are no less American than anyone else. Therefore, they deserve equal acceptance, protection, and rights. This is what the un-Patriotic Front plotted to disrupt.

Fortunately, there are folks among us who would take similar action, and the majority of those in law enforcement would react with the same decisiveness. So, never lose sight of their patriotism and heroism. Moreover, we could all strive to emulate them.

Let Their Actions Inspire You to Do More

Now as the 2022 General Election season begins, let their actions inspire you to do more to transform our state politics and restore the social norms that tie our nation together.

For ways to engage locally, check out our calendar. Here are two events you should plan to attend.

  • Blue in 22 BBQ, July 29 at the Roosevelt Inn.
    Get your tickets NOW! They are only $25, and they will run out. Candidate for US Senate David Roth will join us along with IDP Chair Lauren Necochea. Also expect to see our local candidates including candidate for LD 2, Seat B, Tom Stroshein.
  • Democracy Dinner, on September 23
    Featuring keynote speaker Representative Chris Mathias. Other notable attendees include Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Terri Pickens-Manweiler, Candidate for US Congress D1 Kaylee Peterson, plus our local candidates.
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