The recent Supreme Court ruling overturning 50 years of federal protection for abortion was both immoral and unwise. Despite the advanced knowledge of the conservative majority’s intentions, it still felt like a gut punch when they announced the decision.

The Court’s conclusion was callous and disregarded a woman’s right to make personal reproductive health decisions. It is also stunning given that carrying unwanted pregnancies to term is so life altering. It is also telling that the male dominated majority decision made no reference to a man’s consequential role in reproduction and his subsequent responsibilities.

Some Negative Effects of Reversing Roe

The fact is that denying or delaying abortion care results in more mid-term and improperly performed abortions. As a result, the number of complications, including hemorrhages and infections, will only rise. Consequently, we can expect to see more maternal hospitalizations and deaths. According to USA Today, the number of pregnancy-related maternal deaths in the United States could rise by 20% or more.

Make no mistake, there will also be many financial consequences of this decision. For example, women travelling out of state for abortion care will face the expense of travel, lodging, food, and lost income. In addition, unwanted pregnancy will add health care costs and potential health restrictions. For some, these impacts could require leaving jobs and at worse seeking public assistance. As a result, we can expect personal bankruptcies, evictions, and homelessness to rise.

Unwanted pregnancy could also restrict pregnant women from educational opportunities and chances for career advancement.

Dealing with Idaho’s Abortion Law

To be sure, Idaho Democrats oppose the federal ruling and the subsequent state law. Consequently, we will fight for reproductive rights and other personal freedoms that remain under threat. This work starts by raising awareness and organizing effective opposition. We must inform people about the immediate and long-lasting impacts of this unnecessary legal rollback.

In the meantime, we must hold our Republican controlled state legislature to account. They must take responsibility for those negatively affected by this federal ruling and our corresponding state law. For example, Idaho could expand educational opportunities and job training for single mothers. In addition, the state could allocate additional funds to health care and financial support for dependent children. Finally, Idaho could reduce the risk of teen pregnancies by expanding sex education and increasing access to contraception at our public and private schools.

On a personal level, Idahoans can commit themselves to offer financial, emotional, and logistical support to any friend or loved one who needs an abortion. In addition, there are many reputable National Abortion Funds You Can Donate to Right Now which will help support those in need.

Join the March Against the Reversal of Roe v. Wade on July 4th

Show your solidarity for women’s reproductive rights by Marching with the Kootenai Democrats in the July 4th Parade. It is time to shed the fear that keeps you at home and take to the streets for equal justice. So, join your sisters (and brothers) and march for America and a Constitution that guarantees every citizen equal rights under the law.

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