2022 IDP State Convention

Thank you very much to those KC Dems who took the time and spent the money to attend the IDP Convention in Boise this past weekend. Several wanted to go, including my wife Loree Peery and me. Unfortunately for us, a 48-hour delay imposed by the airline made it impossible for us to get there in time. Nevertheless, I apologize for the situation and for not being able to fulfil this important aspect of my job. For others, the cost of travel put the trip out of reach. Consequently, I alerted CEO Jared DeLoof and Chair Lauren Necochea to expect a lower turnout.

Pushing Back on KCRCC Chair Regan’s Dishonest Assertions

Thank you to the people who submitted responses to the CDA Press opposing Brent Regan’s My Turn article about the January 6th Insurrection. Regan’s utterly dishonest take on the House Committee investigation of the January 6th capital attack was false and misleading. This attempted dissembling is a default mode of extremists in the Republican Party. Among his distortions, he tried to equate street protests of Trump’s Election in 2016 with the violent storming of the US Capital on January 6, 2021. The day when the House and Senate were jointly in session to count and confirm the Electoral College votes for US President. There is simply no comparison. He goes on to question the validity of evidence presented by a slew of Republican witnesses. Hopefully, the explicit and damning details revealed by the hearings will allow truth to prevail. It is the only way to save our democracy.

June is a Time for Celebrating Human Rights


Juneteenth commemorates the final day of emancipation for enslaved African Americans after the Civil War. It marks the day that federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation and ensure the freedom of all enslaved people. These slaves of Galveston were the last to receive their freedom from human bondage.

The African American Community has celebrated this final act of emancipation for generations. However, it was only last year that President Biden formally designated June 19 (Juneteenth) as a federal holiday. Like July 4th, it marks a day that all Americans can celebrate as a passage to freedom from oppression.

In Idaho, Governor Little formally implemented the holiday throughout the executive branch of state government. It is worth noting that Little’s proclamation reads in part: “Juneteenth marks the celebration of not just a moment in the past but also a renewed shared commitment to uniting as Americans to ensure equality and opportunity are a reality for all Americans, in the present and the future.”    


June also denotes LGBTQIA2S+ Pride and our local Pride Community celebrated with events throughout the entire month. One example was Pride in the Park. By all reports, it was a beautiful and peaceful event despite the attempted disruption and threat of violence. Thankfully, event coordinator Jessica Mahuron kept the crowd from engaging with the disrupters.

Also, we are grateful for the unidentified service worker who noticed and reported the U-Haul van full of thirty-one would-be domestic terrorists to the Coeur d’Alene Police. Her quick action and the work of law enforcement thwarted their violent scheme. Now, we wait for law enforcement to do a complete assessment of the planned violence.

One line of investigation is to unmask those who prompted these young men to travel from as far away as Texas to disrupt a comparatively small Pride event in Coeur d’Alene. There are already questions circulating about the possible connection between the Patriot Front and elements of our local right wing white nationalist coalition including people like Dan Bell, David Reilly, Matt Shea, and Heather Scott. There are also signs of potential coordination with groups like the Proud Boys and the Panhandle Patriots.

We must not allow investigators to dismiss or downplay this premeditated act of violence. In addition, we must continuously challenge ourselves to do more to end bigotry and hatred in Idaho and throughout our country.

2022 General Election-The work begins now!

Now that the Primary Election season is over, it is time to focus on the General Election. It may be unexpected, but we have a better than average chance to elect a Democrat this year, but it will take a concerted effort.

In past years, we were fortunate to have a marvelous and committed field organizer to patiently needle us into phone banking every week throughout the election season. Unfortunately, this year despite our efforts we have not secured a permanent field organizer. The fact is that over the past few months, we hired three different people for this position. Yet, for assorted reasons, they have all left to seek other opportunities.

So, I am calling on you to help fill this gap. Therefore, when the call comes to volunteer, please commit to serving for at least 2 hours a week. We need people for phone banking, door-knocking, postcard writing, texting, and more. If we all work on this together, we might just win something. So, let us Get to Work.

Thanks for Filling In

I would like to thank Vice Chair Jan Studer and LD5 Chair Lindsey Barber for filling in for me on my weekly Word from the Chair messaging while I was on vacation. I really appreciate their support.

Do not Miss these July Events

Finally, plan to march with us at the July 4th Parade in Coeur d’Alene. In addition, make plans to join us at the end of the month for the Blue ’22 BBQ. You can find details about these events on the Kootenai Democrats Calendar.

Have a fantastic week everyone.

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