Defend Voting Rights

January 17th was Martin Luther King Day. Unfortunately, the voting rights that Dr. King and his followers still struggle to secure are once again under serious threat. The most recent flurry of legislative action stems from the Big Lie formulated as a cover for Trump’s loss in the 2020 general election. In other words, instead of accepting the failure, the GOP is doubling down and reasserting voter suppression laws and tactics to suppress progressive votes. This is not an isolated issue. In fact, the Brennan Center for Justice says that nineteen states have introduced or passed voter suppression bills. They include laws that restrict vote by mail, expand voter ID requirements, and aggressively purge voter rolls. This legislation is not benign. Rather, it targets and disempowers Democrats. To make matters worse, there are conservative states that are going further by establishing commissions with the power to overrule statewide election results.

What About Idaho?

Due to their overwhelming voter majority, orchestrated voter suppression has not been a necessary tactic for Idaho conservatives. Nonetheless, election interference on a smaller scale does happen. For example, there is an active voter verified complaint about electioneering at a polling place right here in Kootenai County. So far, Elections Clerk Jim Brannon and Prosecuting Attorney Barry McHugh have not issued a public response to the accusation. The complaint stems from a first-hand observed case of a on duty poll worker handing out anti-critical race theory literature while a voter prepared to cast a ballot. Fortunately, the voter was a civics teacher who knew enough about election law to report the matter to the Sheriff’s Office. Now we must ensure that Brannon and McHugh fully assess what happened and hold the perpetrators accountable. The most concerning question is whether this was an isolated incident or part of a coordinated and sanctioned effort to manipulate votes. Help us hold Brannon and McHugh accountable by submitting your comments and questions to them.

Contact Jim Brannon

Call 208 446 1030 or submit a message to the Elections Office at

Contact Barry McHugh

Call 208 446 1800 or submit a message to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at

Public Hearing Tonight

The Kootenai County Optional Forms of Government Study Commission is holding a public hearing tonight, Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 5:30 PM in room 1A/1B of the Kootenai County Administration Building, at 451 N. Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The purpose of the meeting is to give the public the chance to share its input on the recommendation presented by the alternative form of government proposal. You can attend the live public comment session or submit your email comments to:

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