Voter’s Beware

Before casting your votes in the May 17 Primary Election, please read the following warning. Although we have done everything possible to weed them out, there are still a few DINO’s (Democrats in Name Only) running for precinct captain. These DINO’s are the remnants of a Republican scheme to take over our Central Committee. Even though the plan has already failed, these charlatans persist in running as candidates for Precinct Captain. Their motivation is to confuse and confound our voters.

To complicate matters further, if you are a voter living in Precincts 207, 317, or 323, you will not have a real Democrat listed on your ballot. The listed name is the imposter. Therefore, in these three Precincts, voters must write-in the real Democrat candidate to vote for them.

It’s therefore crucial for EVERYONE to please refer to the details regarding the impact of the DINO Plot and how to avoid supporting it.

If you DO NOT see your precinct listed, your ballot will be accurate and complete regarding your legitimate Precinct Captain candidate(s). If you DO see your precinct in the list, please read the details carefully to determine who the Real Democrat is and if they are a WRITE-IN candidate. Pass this information along to your friends, family, and neighbors who vote Democrat.

We will repeat this message continuously throughout the election cycle to ensure this message reaches every affected voter. Thank you for helping to combat this GOP maliciousness, and for being a conscientious voter.


This Saturday, April 23, Democrats have two opportunities to reconnect and mingle.

One is the Earth Day Celebration at the CDA Library. The Kootenai Democrats will have a booth at the event featuring voter resources and a prize drawing for the kids.

In addition, we are gathering at the Filling Station in Post Falls to compete in the First Annual KCDCC Corn Hole Tournament. You can expect appearances from State and local Primary Candidates at both events.

A Thank You to Our Precinct Captain Candidates

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who helped recruit precinct captain candidates, and to those who agreed to run for these positions. All of you play a role in preventing the KCGOP’s dishonest and cynical takeover attempt. In gratitude, we are hosting a Precinct Captain Candidate’s Reception on the evening of Friday, April 22, at the Music Conservatory of Coeur d’Alene. This private reception is for and in appreciation of these fine individuals.

April Central Committee Meeting and County Caucus

It occurs Wednesday, April 20.

Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad continues his quest to be Idaho’s governor with a write-in campaign. Last week your Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse Mayor Rognstad. Now, the entire Central Committee must meet to consider ratifying this endorsement. I anticipate that this vote will occur during tonight’s Central Committee meeting.

In addition, we will hold a brief County Caucus to determine our delegates for the Annual IDP Convention in June. Delegates to the convention participate in re-drafting the 2022 party platform.

With Effort and Hard Work, there is Reason for Optimism

The 2022 Election cycle offers better than average chances of electing a Democrat from Kootenai County. First, your financial donations are contributing to funding our paid organizers and their ongoing efforts to recruit volunteers and reach potential voters. Second, our local and state-wide candidates are coordinating their efforts to extend their combined resources. Third, longstanding rifts in the local GOP are widening and weakening party cohesion. None of these factors alone will affect the outcome. However, they can contribute if we make a concerted commitment to work for a victory in November.

You can help support these efforts by volunteering to help with our voter outreach. Already, the voter awareness for Teresa Borrenpohl, Larry Bieber, Terri Pickens-Manweiler, Kristi Johnson, and David Roth are showing positive signs. Each week, our phone banks reach out to voters in Kootenai County. In addition, we are scheduling neighborhood canvassing (i.e., door knocking) in targeted districts. Both strategies are key to winning in November.

We hope you will please be a part of this effort at any level even if it is only an hour or two a week. To volunteer call 208 704 2181 or email Our Field Organizer Brody Robbins will be happy to put you to work. Thank you in advance.

In Related News

Now that Election Season is at hand, you have experienced instances of the Kootenai Republican’s hyper partisan messaging. The circulation of their flyers, handbills, and paid advertising are incessant. As the election season heats up, expect to see more of it. There are Democrats who question why we use different tactics.

It all comes down to the voters we are trying to reach. The GOP strategy is like carpet bombing. It hits people indiscriminately. To maximize the use of limited resources, we target the specific voters who will come out for Democrats and use voter outreach (phone banking and door knocking) rather than indiscriminate messaging. In this way, we avoid wasting money. This proven approach is more effective. It is also more respectful to our voters.

Have a wonderful week everybody. I hope to see you this weekend.

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