A Big Thank You

To all the Real Democrats who stepped up to run for precinct captain slots in the May 17 primary election, we say thank you. With your actions, we’ve sent a clear message to the opposition that their underhanded scheme to take over our central committee will not succeed.

Implications of The Failed Coup Plot

Given the recently exposed plot by elements of the KCRCC, your May 17 Primary Election ballot may contain the names of a few DiNOs (Democrats in Name Only). The KCDCC is currently working to identify and contact these fake Democrats to notify them that their plot is futile.

Our message to these pretenders is that the planned takeover has already failed. Given the strong response from real Democrats, you won’t have the numbers to achieve your coup. Therefore, we hope that you will recognize the fruitlessness of this endeavor and withdraw before the March 25 deadline. Otherwise, in the unlikely event that you are elected, plan to submit your resignation before the first Central Committee meeting following the May 17 primary.

Candidate Support

On a positive note, coordinating efforts to assist the campaigns for Teresa Borrenpohl, Larry Bieber, Megan Dardis-Kunz, & Terri Pickens-Manweiler are underway. For example, phone banks reach out several nights each week to prospective liberal voters. During each session, volunteers make hundreds of calls. By joining our phone banking effort, you can do your part to defend Kootenai County’s future. To join the phone banking effort, contact our Field Organizer Brody Robbins at 208 704 2181 or brody@idahodems.org. Thank you in advance.

Regarding Gubernatorial Candidate Rognstad

Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad, a Democratic Candidate for Governor, failed to get his name placed on the Primary ballot. The Secretary of State’s office declined his application saying Rognstad was not a registered Democratic voter at the time of his filing and failed to reregister before the filing deadline of March 11, 2022. The good news is that Mayor Rognstad’s party affiliation is now resolved. However, due to this filing error, his path to the Governor’s office will be more difficult. First, he must now run a write-in campaign to win the Primary votes needed to compete in the General Election. In addition, he faces a Primary Election opponent in Steven Heidt. Currently, Heidt is not well known to us. Regardless, the KCDCC will support the winner in the General Election.

Pending Events

On Saturday, April 23, we are hosting a Cornhole Tournament at the “Filling Station” in Post Falls. The tournament is a fundraiser and will feature our local candidates. The entry fee is a $5 donation and the signup deadline to participate in the tournament is April 19. So, put a team together and plan to join in the fun.

In addition, we are planning to hold a caucus to determine our representatives at the Annual IDP Convention in June. Finally, we are planning to host a social event to welcome the new (real) precinct captain candidates. Watch for further details about these events in the coming weeks.

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