Our Team is Growing

First, I would like to welcome aboard June van Horne and Tara Estabrook as two new Precinct Captains. June and Tara are among the increasing number of folks who are deeply concerned about the threat to our nation’s democracy. They, like others, know that this is a time for action not apathy. As of Wednesday, July 10, 2024, the General Election is only 118 days away and there is work to be done. So, ask yourself what you can do and get involved. Like June and Tara, we would love to have you on the team.

One way to get involved is to contact our Field Organizer Joe Morrison. He is always looking for volunteers to help with his organizing effort. He can be reached by email at joe472511@gmail.com.

Open Primary Initiative Meets Signature Goal

We should learn shortly from the Secretary of State’s Office if the Open Primary Initiative (OPI) will appear on our November ballot. The multi-year effort succeeded in gathering 90,000 signatures, which is much more than was needed. Tom Sanner as well as Adam and Jess Bennett were among the hundreds of Idahoans who traveled to Boise to deliver boxes of petitions to the Secretary of State.

The OPI is the last best way to save Idaho from its lopsided one-party supermajority. That is why the GOP opposes it so vigorously.

About a Voter Guide

The Idaho Secretary of State is obliged to publish a voter guide as do most other Secretaries of States. One of the best examples I have seen was produced for the state of California. It was about 10 pages of newsprint that contained a brief article by and about each candidate. These articles were followed by arguments for each candidate, along with a rebuttal to each argument.

Although our Secretary of State, Phil McGrane, is willing to publish such a guide, the Legislature won’t fund it. We learned last night that Republicans will only consider approving this expense if it is in exchange for outlawing absentee voting. Think about that for a second.

I have received feedback from local Democrats asking why our County Central Committee does not publish a voter’s guide like our GOP opponents do. It is not that we don’t see the value. In fact, Alyssa Prochaska proposed producing such a guide a month or two ago and there are good reasons to do so. We debated it vigorously and figured out that it’s just not cost effective for us. Moreover, we believe that there are better and cheaper ways to inform our voters.

Consequently, we will be publishing lists of our endorsed candidates. Just don’t expect to find it in your mailbox. Rather, look for it on our website, and social media. When early voting is set to start, it will also appear in the local newspaper.

Dem Club Meeting Update

And finally, don’t forget the Democrats’ Club event coming up on Thursday night on zoom. They will be considering the impact of the US Supreme Court ruling immunizing the President of the United States from prosecution for almost any alleged crime while serving in office.

Clearly these are tough times for Democrats. Sticking together is our only way forward. We are in this together.

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