GOP Disunion Evident at Recent Convention

The Idaho Republican Party recently held their annual convention in Coeur d’Alene. Democrats will hold ours, this weekend, in Moscow.

Given their disunity, Republicans broke with tradition by keeping aspects of their proceedings a secret. For example, GOP organizers prevented reporters from attending the GOP’s committee meetings, business meeting, or most general sessions. In contrast, Democrats welcome the publicity that comes with press coverage.

Chairperson Dorothy Moon told a reporter the press restrictions were meant to prevent Democrats from learning what they were up to. However, that did not prevent disgruntled party members from spilling the tea.

According to insiders, their speakers called repeatedly for party unity, yet their party stays split with deep philosophical divisions between moderates and extremists.

Disgraced Arizona gubernatorial candidate and 2020 election denier, Kari Lake, echoed this point in her keynote address, “If we are fighting in this room, we will lose our country.”

Chairperson Moon tried to soften the tension by saying, “We have an opportunity now to pull together. We can accept each other for who we are and what we believe.”

However, given their animosity, finding unity in today’s Idaho Republican Party is a pipe dream.

Chairperson Moon made it clear that, under her leadership, the Idaho Republican Party will be highly autocratic and will not tolerate descension. For instance, one plank in their new platform states that Republicans who deviate from party orthodoxy could be censured and deprived of using the party name and logo for five years. In other words, freethinkers are no longer welcome. This cannot be welcome news for party moderates.

In addition, the Republicans affirmed their support for other regressive and restrictive culture war policies like defunding higher education. Their platform reads in part, “we do not support using taxpayer funding for programs beyond high school.”

The Press noted that taxpayer dollars fund a whopping 61% of the North Idaho College (NIC) budget. Therefore, if this plank of their platform were allowed to become law, NIC would not survive.

Defunding post high school education would also affect the new LAUNCH program that provides up to $8000 per pupil for college education. This would certainly come as a shock to the Idahoans who were planning to use this program.

Another point of attack in the Republican Platform is abortion related. In addition to blocking almost every abortion, their “right to life” platform now extends to restricting “the destruction of human embryos, and euthanasia.” In other words, this policy position means no in-vitro-fertilization for women needing help conceiving a pregnancy naturally, and no aid in dying for those who are suffering from an end stage terminal illness.

With every new year, the Idaho Republicans are erecting more obstacles to human freedoms that most hold dear.

And yet to make Republicans believe that their extreme positions are mainstream, Moon told them: “We are not the fringe, folks.”

However, Moon and her ilk are indeed the “fringe.” That is why they fiercely oppose the Open Primary Initiative. Given a true choice, voters would reject Dorothy Moon and other extremists like her.

Voters Have a Clear Choice this November

Fortunately, voters have a real choice this year. Democrats are running in every legislative district. In the coming weeks and months, you will meet them.

Every Democratic candidate offers an improvement over the current autocratic and intolerant representatives we have now. Having their voices in the legislature would help to stem the efforts of Dorothy Moon and her extremist supermajority.

So, get involved now. Be part of the solution to this mess.

Email Field Organizer Joe Morrison at and let him know you wish to sign up to phone bank, door knock or write post cards. He will be happy to have your support.

Have a super week.

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